Program Planning

Program review and planning, as required by both the CSU and WASC Senior College and University Commission, assures integrity and accountability of our programs, and promotes continuous institutional improvement.

At SJSU, program planning is a future-oriented process based on program assessment. Programs use this information to develop seven-year action plans guiding decisions in a variety of areas such as curriculum revision and development, scholarship, resource management, faculty and staff hiring, student recruitment and retention, and interaction with the community.

Step-by-Step Process

Program Planning is required for all SJSU programs every seven years (five years prior to Fall 2017 - see the Program Planning Calendar), or the semester after professional external accreditation reviews, if the cycle is seven years or fewer (University Policy S17-11 [pdf]). It is typically done at the department level, but is occasionally done on a program, school, or college level depending on unique circumstances. All programs in the unit must be included in the program plan, including baccalaureate degrees, minors, graduate degrees, certificates, and credential programs. Extension requests are granted on a case-by-case review of the Program Planning Committee. Leadership for the program plan belongs to the department chair, but the entire program faculty are responsible for its development.