Assessment Facilitators

The Assessment Facilitators are comprised of a faculty member and the Associate Dean from each college, as well as the Director of Assessment. In addition, the Library and Division of Student Affairs both have a representative.  The purposes of this group include reviewing and analyzing program assessment reports, sharing best practices on program assessment, and aiding departments and programs in implementing sound assessment practices.

  Faculty Administrative
University-Wide Priya Raman
Director of Assessment 
Ronald Rogers
Vice Provost, Academic Innovation and Institutional Effectiveness
Lucas College and Graduate School of Business Catherine Lycurgus
Lecturer, Accounting and Finance

Tianqin (Kelly) Shi

Accreditation Director

Meg Virick

Associate Dean

Connie L. Lurie College of Education Isabel Vallejo
Director of Assessment, Accreditation and Special Projects
Marcos Pizarro
Associate Dean
Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Radha Aravamudhan

Adjunct Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Nicole Okamoto
Associate Dean
College of Health and Human Sciences

Lynne Andonian

Professor, Occupational Therapy

Matthew Masucci
Associate Dean
College of Humanities and Arts

Jason Aleksander
Professor, Philosophy

Colton Saylor, Lecturer, English and Comparative Literature

Roula Svorou
Associate Dean
College of Professional and Global Education Sandy Hirsh
Associate Dean
College of Science Julie Sliva Spitzer
Professor, Mathematics
Shelley Cargill
Associate Dean
College of Social Sciences Rui Lui, Associate Professor, Economics Clifton Oyamot
Associate Dean
Graduate Education Jeffrey Honda, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Undergraduate Education - General Education Kathleen McSharry
Director of General Education
Melinda Jackson, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
Student Affairs Division Lezlee Matthews, Director for Co-Curricular Learning, Educational Equity and Assessment
University Library Anamika Megwalu
Associate Librarian