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Assessment is an ongoing, transparent, deliberate, and evidence-based process used to measure and improve student learning. It holds our various programs accountable to students, families, and policymakers. It can provide meaningful comparisons between institutions based on student learning and other metrics. It encourages effective innovation in education, and supports alignment of programs with the university mission and the needs of society.

Program Assessment

Program assessment measures the student learning and achievement of the overall program learning outcomes. With the direction and support of the Director of Assessment Priya Raman and the academic college Assessment Facilitators, our department Assessment Coordinators and faculty assess our academic programs by submitting Annual Assessment Reports (per University Policy S17-11). The report is organized into three sections (Plans and Results, Mapping, and Annual Assessment Summary). Annual assessment efforts help inform department’s prepare for the Program Planning process. 

SJSU Faculty and Staff are encouraged to review our Program Assessment resources.

Co-Curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular assessment measures the learning activities, programs, and experiences that reinforce the institution's mission and values and complement the formal curriculum. With direction and support of the Division of Student Affairs Director of Co-Curricular Learning, Educational Equity and Assessment Lezlee Matthews, our Division of Student Affairs units assess our co-curricular programs.

SJSU Faculty and Staff are encouraged to review our Co-Curricular Assessment resources.

General Education Assessment

GE assessment measures if students are meeting the GE learning outcomes (per University Policy S22-5). With direction and support of the Undergraduate Education Office's Director of General Education Kathleen McSharry, our GE Coordinators and faculty assess our General Education (GE) learning outcomes as outlined by the General Education Guidelines (2022). The General Education Program has three program goals and nine program learning outcomes (PLOs). Each GE Area has defined GE Area Outcomes.

SJSU Faculty and Staff are encouraged to review our GE Assessment resources.