Data Sharing Guidelines

Much of the frequently requested data is already available on our website, and we are continuously trying to improve our clients’ experience by proactively addressing and updating our website with the data that can be useful for them. Following the guidelines of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we honor data privacy and under most cases, we provide data only in the aggregate form. Requests for data about individual students, faculty, and staff should instead be directed to the Office of the Registrar or University Personnel.

Under some special circumstances, IR can provide unit-level data with personally identifiable information (PII) removed. If the PII needs to be included in the data, the data requester needs to get the approval from both the department and the Office of the Registrar through DocuSign. If the requester wants unit-level data, whether or not it contains PII, they must agree that the data will be used within SJSU and for institutional research purposes only. The requester must agree that they will not use the data for publication or any other academic research purposes and that they will not further share the data with others. For request approvals, please email