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Welcome to the School of Management (SoM) at San Jose State University, an integral part of the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business. We are committed to shaping the future of business through our comprehensive programs and resources.

Established in 1928, the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business has been recognized by AACSB International, the world’s leading business school accreditation body, since 1967. Our undergraduate programs offer thirteen distinct business concentrations, while our graduate school provides advanced degrees and certificates in various fields including business, accounting, taxation, and transportation management. Our Centers and Institutes also provide unparalleled opportunities for students to refine their expertise in areas such as tax, accounting, financial services, operations management, global leadership, and entrepreneurship, among others.

We are proud to contribute to the vibrant, multi-cultural, and global atmosphere of Silicon Valley, offering our students global opportunities while maintaining strong ties to Silicon Valley companies. Our dedication to excellence in business education is reflected in our commitment to shaping the future of business.

Join us as we continue to power Silicon Valley and beyond!

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Here’s what sets us apart:


We are proud to be among the top 5% of business schools worldwide that are accredited by both AACSB and WASC, affirming our commitment to excellence in business education.


Our dedicated faculty provide a supportive environment, helping students find their voice among professors, peers, and the professional network in their chosen field.


We offer two unique concentrations - Management, focusing on technical, interpersonal, communication, and decision-making skills, and Human Resource Management, preparing students to manage a company’s most valuable asset: its employees.

Student Organizations:

We foster a thriving student community with organizations like AIM, SHRM, WIB, BBSA, LBSA, and IBA, providing opportunities for networking and professional growth.


Our Institute for People and Performance (IPP) and Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC) offer additional resources and opportunities for students.


Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are well-connected to the local business community, providing our students with unparalleled access to one of the world’s leading tech and innovation hubs.

Student Testimonials

Without a doubt, the best part about SJSU are the professors. Let Jashan Grewal tell you why.

As a transfer student, Brian's advice is to check out the Jack Holland Student Success Center within the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.

As an international student, SJSU is opening up a lot of opportunities, experiences and networking opportunities for Nimratdeep.