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Student Associations

  • Advancement Institute for Management (AIM)
    Advancement Institute for Management provides an opportunity for our members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability.
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
    The mission of SHRM at SJSU is to uphold a diverse and inclusive community dedicated to developing students personally and professionally to ensure a successful transition to their careers.
  • Women in Business (WIB)
    Women in Business, a student-led group, empowers members through professional/personal growth and addresses women’s business issues. They foster career advancement and provide a nurturing environment for development via conferences, networking, workshops, social events, and outreach.
  • Black Business Student Association (BBSA)
    The mission of the Black Business Student Association (BBSA) is to support Black students in their academic, personal, and professional development within the Lucas College of Business. BBSA is dedicated to promoting unity and achievement while serving the community through corporate networking, mentorship, and social events.
  • Latino Business Student Association (LBSA)
    The Latino Business Student Association's mission is to empower the next generation of diverse leaders through professional development workshops, company tours, social events, and community outreaches.
  • International Business Association (IBA)
    The International Business Association is a networking organization for students, faculty, and alumni interested in global commerce. It fosters relationships with local global firms, promotes international study and work, and facilitates knowledge sharing across diverse backgrounds.

For addtional opportunities, check out the list of student organizations housed within the Lucas College of Business.

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