Academic Support

SJSU IT supports the academic success of students in and out of the classroom, anywhere and anytime. We partner with university departments to sponsor class projects and with technology industry leaders to bring in enterprise-grade solutions. Our efforts help bridge the digital divide, providing SJSU students with the equipment, software, resources, and help they need to succeed academically today and in the workforce tomorrow.

Class Projects

Group and class projects can leverage state-of-the-art technology and SJSU IT expertise, giving them the resources to succeed with their class project. Through partnership with academic departments, SJSU IT provides students with the opportunity to work directly with our team in a professional environment, preparing students for post-graduation careers.

Virtual Labs

Leverage the power of virtual labs to utilize advanced software on high performance hardware anytime, anywhere.

Spartan Print Stations

Available across campus, print stations give our entire campus community access to low-cost, on-demand printing. Students, faculty, and staff can send their documents to print stations in advance wirelessly or bring a thumb drive and print immediately.

No-Cost Software

Students can download or access the everyday productivity software they need at no cost to them, including Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud, FileMaker Pro Advanced, and Microsoft Office 365. They also have access to industry-standard research applications like SAS and SPSS along with enterprise-grade cyber security software. 

Equipment Loaning Services

SJSU students can borrow everyday technology essentials, such as laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, and mobile hotspots, as well as major-specific equipment. Students can keep the equipment for as long as they need, even through summer and winter.

Classroom Support

Ensuring classrooms are equipped with technology that works reliably is a key role of SJSU IT. We extended classroom support hours into evenings and weekends for colleges supported by their own IT staff so your courses start on time. SJSU IT collaborates with Academic Affairs to design and implement solutions that drive contemporary pedagogy.

Web Conferencing Services

SJSU IT loans out mobile videoconferencing units for classroom or conference room use, turning any space into a technology-enabled collaborative hybrid environment. 

Campus Data Warehouse

SJSU leverages a Campus Data Warehouse to drive data-informed decision-making. One example program for the Campus Data Warehouse combines university data with national data to create learning analytics that identify students at risk of dropping out or falling behind and not completing their degree. Campus departments can use that data to provide identified students with additional support and resources to improve their academic outcomes and keep them on track for a degree.