SJSU IT Enterprise Solutions Steering Committee


The SJSU IT Enterprise Solutions Steering Committee purpose is to:

  • Provide strategic leadership for IT Enterprise Solution investments by ensuring alignment with SJSU’s strategic plans
  • Provide guidance for the planning, prioritization, and deployment of major Enterprise Solutions IT projects
  • Review overall status of projects and provide escalation support when needed
  • Prioritize new enterprise solutions
  • Foster open communication between SJSU IT and university departments on the overall IT Enterprise Solution Portfolio



  • Kara Li, Chair
  • James Anderson
  • Sidd Bhindi
  • Marco Antonio Cruz
  • Terryn Ashley
  • Marc d'Alarcao
  • Lisa Giampaolo
  • Shonda Goward
  • Kimberly Guanzon
  • Melinda Jackson
  • Jennifer Jackson Sclafani
  • Kenneth Mashinchi
  • Coleetta Mcelroy
  • Crystal Mercado
  • Sami Monsur
  • Maureen Pasag
  • Jennifer Redd
  • Shauna Rios
  • Eric Rollerson
  • Tricia Ryan
  • Teresa Schmidt
  • Sarah Schraeder Cisneros
  • Catherine Voss Plaxton
  • Gregory Wolcott