Internet and Network Access

Reliable, wired, and wireless access to the University network and the Internet.

What You Need to Know

SJSU offers four (4) wireless networks for different audiences:

  • SJSU_Premier
    • A secure network for Students, Faculty and Staff that provides encrypted connectivity for wireless users who have a SJSUOne ID#.
    • Technology that allows many higher education groups to use the local resources when traveling from SJSU’s campus.
    • Students, faculty, and staff can connect to hundreds of secure networks across the world using their SJSU login with eduroam. Eduroam is an international roaming service that has thousands of participating universities, libraries, and other learning institutions. There are over 2,000 available eduroam networks across the United States, including at least one in every major city with many throughout the SF Bay Area and California. There are thousands more all across the world. Click here to find your nearest eduroam network.
  • SJSU_Guest
    • This is an open, unencrypted wireless network for campus visitors.
  • SJSU_MyDevices
    • Technology for Students, Faculty and Staff using network-enabled devices (such as gaming consoles, Apple TV, etc.) that do not support WPA2 security.

We also offer Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services for all divisions. The service is hosted on the Infoblox appliance, is fully redundant, and can be administered centrally by Network Services or remotely by department-based IT support personnel.

Who Has Access

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Visitors

Costs, Requirements & Activation Time


Internet and network access is free for Students, Faculty and Staff.


Wiring requests typically take at least two business days to complete for activation of existing jacks, or longer if new wiring is needed.


  • Computer equipment with appropriate network interface card (Ethernet)
  • Devices with compatible wireless network adapters are required for Wi-Fi access
  • SJSU prohibits the connection of customer-provided switches, hubs or routers to the campus network
  • 802.11b is no longer supported

Additional Resources

Wi-Fi Guides


Support: Need Help or Have Questions

For help with Internet or network access, open a help ticket with a brief description of the issue. 

For information about the correct network to request, contact your local departmental IT support staff.