SJSU IT Peer Advisory Council


The SJSU IT Peer Advisory Council was formed to provide two-way open communication directly between representative SJSU IT staff and VP-IT & CIO. The peer members of the group provide insight and advice that is constructive and transparent, and that promotes excellence among our staff by:

  • Respecting everyone by communicating well and listening to all perspectives.
  • Promoting employee growth (e.g., cross-pollination program) by offering professional opportunities in the organization.
  • Gathering feedback and innovative ideas from the Division staff to promote a work/life balance
  • Assuring inclusiveness in all strategies recommended by the Peer Group
    Identifying areas of focus for continuous improvements
  • Recognizing and honoring the SJSU IT Staffs’ outstanding contributions with Sparta Awards.
  • Participating in IT senior management candidate evaluation
  • Organizing team building activities and social events



  • Bob Lim, VP/CIO, Information Technology, Chair
  • Debashish Basak, Systems Administrator
  • Harish Chander, Sr. PeopleSoft Analyst Programer
  • Alfred Eclipse, Lead Service Desk Support Specalist
  • April Lee, Information Tech Consultant
  • Eric Matthews, Analyst/Programmer
  • Ravi Pisupati, Tech Lead, Student Data Warehouse
  • Vicky Van Leer, Financial Budget Analyst
  • Lam Vu, Senior SA Systems Lead 
  • Andy Yeung, Classroom Support Technician