Campus AV Design

Campus AV Design


IMS provides audio-visual (AV) design and support for all campus classrooms, meeting spaces, and housing buildings. Our goal is to standardize AV across campus for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Benefits of standardization

    • Less compartmentalized support structure
    • More uniform user experience
    • Improved learning environments
    • Swifter classroom adoption and upgrade process
    • How to get started

Contact us to learn more about our AV design and support services. We can help you create a plan that meets your specific needs.

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University Departments and Housing:

    • General assignment classrooms
    • SJSU IT managed department classrooms
    • Meeting & conference Spaces
    • Campus Housing Buildings

We work with Faculty, Staff, and Students to understand their AV needs and create solutions to improve their teaching, working, & learning experiences.


    • Support for AV Equipment is by prearrangement only.

Requesting Technology Upgrade Services

Requesting Service


To request classroom AV equipment upgrades, please submit your requests to the head of your department (Department Chair, Dean, AVP, or Provost) before the funding request deadline.


To request Campus AV design or support, please fill out the request form. An iSupport ticket summarizing your request will be routed to our AV Design Team for review. Please allow up to 1 business day for an AV Design Specialist to contact you. Requests are contingent upon the Academic Space Planning budget, vendor, and FD&O availability.


Classroom Standards

Image Standard Room Description Features

Basic Icon


Simple display functionality. Lecture Capture Software

Projector, Speakers, HDMI & VGA

Basic Icon

Web Conferencing Interactive Basic

Interactive Basic

Simple display + Zoom
Web Conferencing ready, allowing interaction with outside participants, Zoom recording & Lecture Capture

Projector, Speakers, HDMI, VGA, Webcam and Mic

Basic Icon

Basic Icon


Advanced multiple display inputs. Ability to show separate content on each display. Zoom recording & Lecture Capture

Multiple Projector/TV's, Speakers, HDMI & VGA

Basic Icon

Basic Icon

Web Conferencing Interactive Basic

Interactive Expanded

Advanced multiple display + Zoom Web Conferencing with multiple display inputs, allowing interaction with outside participants. Ability to show separate content on each display. Zoom recording & Lecture Capture

Multiple Projector/TV's, Speakers, HDMI, VGA, Webcams and Mics


Classroom Upgrade Request Form

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • If you are requesting upgrades for multiple rooms, please fill out a separate form for each different room type.

  • If you need to add attachments, please reply to the ticket generated from this form and attach them in your reply.
eg: BBC 503
eg: Conference, Large Lecture Hall, Classroom, Office
eg: Academic Scheduling, Department
Funding Source
What is your estimated budget?
Room Standards
*The costs mentioned do NOT include installation, furniture, or infrastructure (FD&O) - If you're requesting multiple room types, please fill out separate form for each room.