Information Security Awareness Training

LinkedIn Learning

Don't just take our word for it! SJSU has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to give everyone access to some of the highest quality educational and training videos outside of SJSU. The SJSU IT Information Security Office has hand picked some training material specifically focused on relevant security tips you can use in your daily life. Follow any of the links below to login using your SJSUOne account information and access the training!

Training topics

CSULearn Online Training

SJSU’s training application, CSULearn, provides a brief online introduction to computer security and FERPA issues. These tutorials take approximately 30 minutes to complete and provide some essential information about computer security and campus policy. To access your training:

  1. Visit the CSULearn Portal.
  2. Select SJSU from the campus drop down menu.
  3. Login using your SJSUOne account.
  4. At your CSU home page, select the search icon.
  5. Locate the training course you wish to take and begin.

Per ICSUAM8035 [pdf], "Data Security and Privacy" and "FERPA and Protecting Education" are required courses for SJSU faculty, staff, student employees and volunteers. Other courses are available in CSULearn, which provide more detailed information on specific areas such as HIPAA (Health) and PCI (Credit Card) data usage.

In-Person Training

To inquire about requesting a special in-person computer security awareness training for your department, unit or group, please contact