Class Projects

What You Need to Know

Helping students achieve success in their academic career and beyond is a driving goal for SJSU IT. This Spring 2023, we’ve connected with student groups to support their practicum in Management Information Systems. These student teams have the opportunity to work directly with our Project Management Office, supporting the cultivation of professional business processes.

One project features a dynamic cost calculator, created in collaboration between SJSU IT and the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. This calculator will allow students to estimate costs for university fees, housing, and other college-related expenses in conjunction with their projected and possible Financial Aid awards. Not only is this a fantastic, cross-department project for upper division students, it’s also a tool that might prove valuable for our university and our students.

We’re also working with another student team on website enhancements driven by student feedback. For this project, the team is engaging with students for data-driven feedback on how students interact with the university’s online presence. They’ll work with SJSU IT to develop and implement new features, improved functionality, and user-minded design enhancements.

We’ll look to expand on these efforts with new student projects and in new majors starting 2023-2024.

What You Need to Do

If you're looking for a collaborative campus partner for your group project, reach out to the Office of the Vice President and CIO to get in touch with an SJSU IT manager or working group who fits your academic goals.