Meet Bob Lim

Bob Lim, Vice President of IT Division & CIO

Office of the VP IT & CIO

As San Jose State University's Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Bob Lim drives our campus toward SJSU’s future vision of Transformation 2030. Bob collaborates with other divisions and departments across the university to bring technology into classrooms, offices, research labs, and student spaces. Forward-thinking partnerships with private industry, prioritized cybersecurity, next-level customer service, and a push for digitization are all central to Bob’s strategy. In an effort to enable social mobility, and together with the SJSU IT leadership team, Bob brings SJSU students unprecedented access to technology, a competitive advantage in the professional marketplace, and opportunities they might not otherwise have. 

Personal Narrative: Education can transform families from generation to generation and is a social mobility force multiplier. As a first-generation college student, I am proof. My personal and professional mission is to lay the foundation for those with the desire, and drive, to achieve any professional dream. 

My background is humble. As a child, I lived in three different refugee camps. At nine years old, I immigrated to and settled in the US with my family. I learned very early in life that everyone has talent, but not all are afforded the same opportunity. It is important that leadership enable and allow all students, faculty, and staff to be successful for the good of the university community.

My knowledge of IT, HE, and private industry is intimate and thorough. I have experience with large research AAU institutions, regional colleges, the public sector, and leading technology companies, including start-ups. My approach is customer-focused and collaborative wherever I am.


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