Place a Hold

  1. Click the MySJSU Sign In link (in original window), and then enter your SJSU ID and password - Note: These instructions opened in a new window. We suggest you click the MySJSU Sign In navigational link in your original window (at top of page) so you can still refer back to these instructions after you have logged in
  2. From the Main Menu, navigate to Campus Community > Service Indicators (Student) > Manage Service Indicators. The Manage Service Indicator search page displays
  3. Enter search criteria, such as SJSU ID or Name
  4. Click Search - The Manage Service Indicators page displays
  5. Click Add Service Indicator - The Add Service Indicator page displays
    To attach a service indicator, enter the Institution, Service Indicator Code and Service Indicator Reason Code - Note: Some information, such as the Active Date and the Service Ind Active Term, will default. You can override the default data, if needed
  6. Click OK
  7. To add a new row of data for an additional Service Indicator, click the Add [+] button
  8. Repeat the above steps to place additional holds