Academic IT Advisory Consultation and Implementation Group


The Academic IT Advisory Consultation and Implementation Group consists of IT staff personnel that represent each of the Colleges. This group contributes towards the design, development, qualification, and consultation of IT-related operations and services. The group also leads the planning and delivery of the IT-related operations and services.  This group will collaboratively strengthen and enact efficient IT workflows to serve the academic community to ensure coordinated, integrated and effective implementation. IT Collaborates with academic units to design and implement classroom, lab, research, and learning spaces technology for continuous upgrading of technologies.


  • Bob Lim - VP/CIO, Information Technology, Sponsor
  • Bruce Gardner - College Support Manager, Chair
  • College of Business - Belinda Nguyen
  • College of Education - April Lee
  • College of Engineering - T.G. Tran
  • College of Health and Human Sciences - Kenny Gong
  • College of Humanities and the Arts - Lucas Chung
  • College of Library - Cameron Weigel
  • College of Professional Growth and Education - Allan Madanipour
  • College of Science - Justin Croly
  • College of Social Sciences - Chris Bradford