Information Security

A banner representing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Month! Our mission is to raise awareness for data protection in a straightforward, enjoyable format.


Be Safe Online

Maintaining the safety of information assets is vital to the educational, research and operational mission of SJSU. We provide the information and computer security to protect your computer from any unauthorized access of information by: protecting information assets and complies with information-related laws, regulations and policies; promoting the quality and integrity of information security throughout the university and building a culture of information security and safety.

Safe Computing

Practice Safe Computing

Safe computing practices are a combination of computer software and security settings. Keep your password and personal information safe.

Security Forms

Security Forms

Find PeopleSoft System Access Request Forms and other related security forms such as Admin Rights Request, Person of Interest and Vendor Confidentiality Agreement.

Policies and Standards

Data Loss Prevention (Spirion)

Spirion is a program that locates Protected Level 1 data in files such as Word, Excel, PDF, and other common file types. In addition to locating Protected Level 1 data, Spirion can perform actions on locations that contain Protected Level 1 data. Such actions include the ability to Shred (securely delete) and Redact (mask specific sensitive data) in order to protect yourself (or others) from identity theft.