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Open yourself…

… to explore a new adventure! Indulge your curiosity, master a new skill or enhance career growth. With hundreds of courses available, the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

All students enrolled in an in-person or hybrid class must submit their vaccination status using the COVID-19 Vaccine Self-Certification form.

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Welcome to Open University

San Jose Staté University’s Open University (OU) program allows students from outside the university to enroll in university courses on a space-available basis and gain college credit.

Open University students can grow professionally, enrich their lives, prepare for a career change, or give university life a try. Former San José State University students, SJSU alumni, members of the general community, and disqualified students from SJSU or elsewhere may take courses. Open University also allows students to earn credits while waiting for admission.

Open University students may apply 24 units to an undergraduate degree or 9 units to a graduate degree. Currently-enrolled (admitted) SJSU students or those who have been admitted for the current term are not eligible to enroll through Open University.

Please Note: Registration for Open University students is not guaranteed. If you are registering for an Open University class during intersession, please visit the Winter Session website and Summer Session website

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