Scholarships and Fellowships

The Science Education Program occasionally offers scholarships to reimburse CSET exam fees and other expenses for students applying to the SJSU single subject credential program in science. For questions regarding the scholarships, please email

Current Scholarships

Susan Barling-Frye Memorial Scholarship

The Susan Barling-Frye Memorial Scholarship was established to provide scholarships for students in the College of Science teaching credential program.

Bettejean Hill Scholarship

The Bettejean Hill Scholarship awards two students: One pursuing a teaching credential in Math and one in Science. Scholarships will be used towards paying SJSU teaching credential fees. A GPA of 3.0 or higher will be considered first, as well as students identified by faculty as having a similar situation as Bettejean Hill. Students do not need to be full-time. Length of the scholarship is one year. The amount is $7,000 ($3,500 per student), one installment. The Bettejean Hill Scholarship is awarded in Spring.


Civic Action Fellowships

The Civic Action Fellowship is a partnership between California Volunteers within the Office of the Governor, Americorp and a coalition of public and private universities designed to help students pay for college while addressing regional challenges. Please contact the Center for Community Learning & Leadership if you have any questions.

Additional Resources

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