The Special Education faculty are committed to providing the highest quality education to the candidates in our program. We model best practices by providing a strong, student-centered curriculum with an emphasis on ongoing formative feedback to help candidates grow.

Department Chair

Lisa Simpson, Ed.D.
Sweeney Hall (SH) 204
Twitter: @LisaSimp44932943
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Lisa Simpson

Faculty Directory

Janel Astor | Lecturer

Laurene Beto | Lecturer

Andrea Golloher, PhD | Associate Professor
Twitter: @AGollher
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Alicia Henderson | Lecturer, Fieldwork Coordinator

Peg Hughes, PhD | Professor

Sudha Krishnan, EdD | Assistant Professor
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Saili Kulkarni, PhD | Associate Professor
Twitter: @DrKoolkarni
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Matthew Love, PhD | Assistant Professor
Twitter: @docmlove

Jennifer Madigan, EdD | Lecturer
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Shirley Ortiz | Lecturer

Hyun-Sook Park, PhD | Professor

Vickey Perkins | Lecturer, Fieldwork Supervisor

Everett Smith | Lecturer

Nancy Smith | Lecturer

Jay Totter | Lecturer

Fieldwork Supervisors

Laurene Beto

Shirley Ortiz

Vickey Perkins

Nancy Smith

Jay Totter

Recent Faculty Highlights

Lisa Simpson

Dr. Lisa Simpson published “Opinion: Use of underprepared special ed teachers harms children” in the Mercury News.

Saili Kulkarni

Dr. Saili Kulkarni has been awarded a racial equity grant from the Spencer Foundation for her research studying the intersections of disability and race and the implications for PK-12 education, justice studies and educators. Read the feature story on the SJSU Division of Research and Innovation website.

Dr. Saili Kulkarni, along with students Samuel Bland and Monica Gonzalez, were highlighted in the recent Rethinking Schools publication for their Special Education Teachers of Color Collective. Read the highlight at bit.ly/3oa8gye.

Dr. Kulkarni also published the op-ed "South Asians Are Asians Too. When Will Our Racial Reckoning Be?" in Ms. Magazine. Read the full opinion piece at bit.ly/3aBtaRh.

Peg Hughes

Dr. Peg Hughes was featured on Zippia's Future Of The Job Market Report, along with thousands of other experts, for sharing insights around trends in the job market as a result of the pandemic, what skills stand out on resumes, and more.

Faculty Observation Forms

Supervision Fieldwork Forms

Department Supervisor Forms

EDSE 217A - M/M Preliminary ST Placement

  1. University Supervisor Checklist: Intern Last Semester [pdf]
  2. University Supervisor Checklist: Traditional Student Teacher [pdf]
  3. Credential Application Checklist [pdf]
  4. Disposition Form [pdf]
  5. Directed Teaching Form [pdf]
  6. Transition Form [pdf]
  7. Focus Group Questions [pdf]
  8. Rubric for Portfolio [pdf]
  9. Improvement Plan [pdf]
  10. Pacing Guide RSP Placement [pdf]
  11. Pacing Guide SDC Placement [pdf]

EDSE 154 - Mod/Severe (F/S) and ECSE (spring only)

  1. University Supervisor Checklist: Intern Last Semester [pdf]
  2. University Supervisor Checklist: Traditional Student Teacher [pdf]
  3. University Supervisor Checklist : ECSE - Student Teacher [pdf]
  4. University Supervisor Checklist : ECSE - Intern [pdf]
  5. Credential Application Checklist [pdf]
  6. Disposition Form [pdf]
  7. Directed Teaching Form [pdf]
  8. Transition Form [pdf]
  9. Focus Group Questions [pdf]
  10. Rubric for Portfolio [pdf]
  11. Improvement Plan [pdf]
  12. Final Evaluation Infant/Toddler Form [pdf] - ONLY ECSE program
  13. Midterm Evaluation Form  [pdf]- ONLY ECSE Program
  14. Pacing Guide RSP Placement [pdf]
  15. Pacing Guide SDC Placement [pdf]

EDSE 105 Intern Forms

  1. University Supervisor Checklist: First Semester Interns [pdf]
  2. Evaluation Form [pdf]
  3. Induction Plan [pdf]
  4. Checklist for Intern Application Packet [pdf]
  5. Collaborative Intern Program Application [pdf]
  6. IRIS Modules Instructions [pdf]
  7. Intern Agreement Form [pdf]
  8. Support Provider Application [pdf]
  9. Support Provider Job Description [pdf]
  10. Support and Supervision Record Form [pdf]
  11. Improvement Plan [pdf]