Available Campus Advisors

Parties involved in either the formal or informal resolution process have the right to be accompanied by an advisor of their choice during meetings, interviews, and hearings. An advisor can be a friend, family member, attorney, or any other individual of their choice. The Parties also have the right to consult with an attorney, at their own expense, or a union representative at any stage of the process if they wish to do so. An attorney or union representative may serve as a Party’s chosen advisor.  

The university has trained professionals who are available to serve as an advisor. They are:

The Campus Survivor Advocate (For Complainants

Selena Hernández, M.A.
Student Wellness Center, 300B
Phone: 408-924-5021
Email: survivoradvocate@sjsu.edu 

SJSU’s Campus Survivor Advocate is a confidential resource - you can discuss what happened with her without notifying the Title IX and Gender Equity Office or law enforcement. The Campus Survivor Advocate is available to review your rights and options as a survivor of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence, or stalking. Whether you want information or assistance with reporting the incident, or if you need access to academic intervention or other resources, you can meet with the advocate to review all of your rights and options available on and off campus.

The Respondent Consultant (For Respondents)

The Respondent Consultant provides guidance and information about procedures for Respondents involved in the Title IX process. The Respondent Consultant is also available to help with accessing available supportive measures. The Respondent Consultant is not confidential and, as an employee, still has a mandatory duty to report any information or reports of misconduct disclosed by a Respondent.

Tijan White, Ed.D., Respondent Consultant
Email: titleix-tijan@sjsu.edu

Sabrina-Moné Lamontagne, Respondent Consultant
Email: titleix-sabrina-mone@sjsu.edu