How We Can Help

On-Campus Resources

For Students and Employees

Contact the Title IX office for questions and resources.

Title IX Office
408-924-7290 (M-F, 8AM-5PM)
669-877-0620 (After Hours, Voice/Text)

Peter Lim
Interim Title IX and Gender Equity Officer

Wendi Liss
Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Andrew Nguyen
Interim Title IX Project Manager

Vacant, Title IX Investigator

Vacant, Title IX Investigator

Karina Hernandez
Title IX Analyst

University Poice Department (UPD)
4-2222 (on campus)
9-1-1 (emergency)

For Students

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS provides short-term and crisis counseling services to students at SJSU. For more information regarding CAPS' services, visit

To request an appointment, please call 408-924-5910.

Student Health Center
We encourage students who have experienced a sexual assault or dating/domestic violence to seek medical services. The Student Health Center can provide STI testing, pregnancy testing, and general health and wellness check-ups.

To schedule an appointment, visit their website at or call 408-924-6122.

Please note, SJSU Student Health Center does not provide forensic evidence collection, such as a sexual assault forensic exam (often called a "rape kit"). If you are in need of a forensic exam, please visit the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center Emergency Department or call the SART Coordinator at 408-885-6466. 

For Employees

LifeMatters® by Empathia, San José State University’s confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is dedicated to employee well-being. From emotional and family counseling to providing geriatric care management, LifeMatters® offers both online and in-person support.

Visit LifeMatters® online for more information. Password: SPARTANS

To speak to someone from LifeMatters® confidentially, call 800-367-7474.

Visit Counseling for Faculty and Staff for personal consultations.

Ben Falter, Respondent Consultant

View Rights and Options for Victims of Sexual Misconduct [pdf]

Campus Survivor Advocate

Services are for victims of sex/gender harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

Selena Gonzalez, M.A.
Student Wellness Center, 300B
Phone: (408) 924-5021

SJSU’s Campus Survivor Advocate is a confidential resource - you can discuss what happened without notifying the Title IX Office or law enforcement. 

  • Review Survivor’s Rights & Options: The confidential advocate is available to review your rights and options as a survivor of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence or stalking. Whether you want information or assistance with reporting the incident, or if you need academic intervention or other resources, you can meet with the advocate to review all of your rights and options available on and off campus.

    Ben Falter, Respondent Consultant


    View Rights and Options for Victims of Sexual Misconduct [pdf]

  • Academic support: If you need academic intervention, the advocate, as well as the Title IX Office, may be able to work with your professors and academic departments to minimize the academic impact. Academic support options may include: changes to academic schedule, extensions on assignments, late withdrawals from a course, and the rescheduling of exams.
  • Referrals to Medical Care, Counseling, and Legal Help: We encourage survivors to connect with the many resources on campus, including Counseling & Psychological Services and the Student Health Center. SJSU does not provide legal services; however, the advocate may be able to assist with connecting you to off-campus legal support. 

To request an appointment with the Campus Survivor Advocate, please call 408-924-7300 or email

Off-Campus Resources

These off-campus resources provide confidential support services to survivors of sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, and stalking. They will not report to the SJSU Title IX Office without your consent.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Main Number: 408-885-5000

YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley
24-hour Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking Hotline: 800-572-2782 

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence
24/7 Crisis Hotline: 408-279-2962

Asian Women's Home
Hotline: 408-975-2739

Maitri (services for families and individuals from South Asia)
Toll Free Helpline: 1-888-862-4874

DOJ's Civil Rights Division
Toll Free: 1-833-591-0289