Support Services for Witnesses

The Title IX and Gender Equity Office appreciates that someone asked to be a witness in an investigation may have questions about the process itself, the prospect of retaliation, or other issues, such as the need to miss a class. 

The university has a strict prohibition against retaliation, which is defined here. In addition, the Title IX and Gender Equity Officer is available to meet with prospective witnesses to address their questions or concerns. Please contact the Title IX and Gender Equity Officer at:

Peter Lim, Interim Title IX and Gender Equity Officer
Phone: 408-924-7290 (M-F, 8AM-5PM)
            669-877-0620 (After Hours, Voice/Text)

Witnesses may also contact the Campus Survivor Advocate if they prefer to learn about the Title IX process or receive support in a confidential setting. Please contact the Campus Survivor Advocate at: 

The Campus Survivor Advocate (For students and employees)
Selena Hernández, M.A.
Student Wellness Center, 300B
Phone: 408-924-7300

Secondary traumatic stress is the emotional duress that results when an individual sees or hears about the firsthand trauma experiences of another. There are on campus resources to provide support services to witnesses. They are as follows:

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center is home to your health, counseling, and well-being needs at SJSU. To make an appointment, call (408) 924-5678 or view your options on the Student Wellness Center Patient Portal. For more information, visit

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) (For students)
CAPS provides short-term and crisis counseling services to students at SJSU. This resource is available to both Complainants and Respondents, as well as witnesses involved in any investigation or other grievance process.

For more information regarding services, visit
To request an appointment, please call 408-924-5910, or email

LifeMatters® by Empathia (For employees)
San José State University’s confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is dedicated to employee well-being. From emotional and family counseling to providing geriatric care management, LifeMatters® offers both online and in-person support.
Visit LifeMatters® online for more information. Password: SPARTANS
To speak to someone from LifeMatters® confidentially, call 800-367-7474.
Visit Counseling for Faculty and Staff for personal consultations.