E-Cigs and Vaping Myths

E-cigarettes are a relatively new product with little information about their safety and effects on human health. Read on to learn the common misconceptions about e-cigarettes and vaping.

Myth: E-Cigarettes are safe and don't have any toxins.

Reality: E-cigarettes are not risk-free. They still deliver nicotine and low levels of toxins and chemicals, including many of the same chemicals found in tobacco products. E-cigarettes are not regulated, so you never know what you're inhaling.

Myth: E-cigarettes produce harmless water vapor. There's no secondhand vapor.

Reality: E-cigarettes do produce a vapor that has nicotine, harmful chemicals and toxins known to cause cancer. These chemicals and toxins include: formaldehyde, lead and nickel.

Myth: E-cigarettes aren't addictive.

Reality: Nicotine is a poison and a highly addictive drug. Nicotine is one of the main ingredients in e-cigarettes and tobacco products.