Delve Into a New Language

Already have a major, but are interested in learning how you can pursue a world language as a minor? We have a wide variety of exciting programs for you to discover!

Asian Studies

Access information on advising, course requirements and more for an Asian Studies Minor.


Learn more about the minor preparation, requirements, what classes you can expect to take and more.


Get information on advising, courses, how to prepare for a French Minor, and more.


Discover the courses you can expect to take, including requirements, preparatory classes, and more.


Interested in pursuing an Italian Minor? Learn more about advising, courses, and preparation.


Learn more about the Japanese minor, including minor preparation, course requirements, advising, and more.

Latin American Studies

Take a look at the required and additional courses you can take while you pursue your minor.


Review the preparatory and required courses for a Portuguese minor. 


Access information on advising, course requirements and more for a Spanish Minor.

Minors for International Business Majors

Students majoring in international business can select a variety of languages for a modified minor program. Learn more about this special program.