California Promise at SJSU

The California Promise is a program established through California Senate Bill 412 to facilitate graduation in four years for freshmen, and two years for transfer students who have completed an Associate Degree for Transfer. The California Promise program is open to California residents for purposes of in-state tuition eligibility.

Who is eligible to participate?

Beginning Fall 2017, incoming new students eligible to join the California Promise Program include:

  • Incoming freshmen 
  • All incoming transfers with an Associate Degree for Transfer relevant to their admitted major -- other transfer students may apply to join the program in the fall of their first year at SJSU. Your two-year degree plan must be approved by your College's California Promise advisor.
  • For all participants - you must be a California resident for purposes of in-state tuition eligibility

All other SJSU students should see SJSU’s MyGPS: Graduation Path to Success program. MyGPS has a suite of advising tools to help all enrolled students stay on track for graduation and to help incoming frosh Finish in 4 and incoming Transfers Take 2.

What are the requirements?

Once enrolled in the California Promise program, you must satisfy the requirements for continued enrollment in the Program:

  • Successfully complete 30 units towards your degree every academic year (this includes Winter and Summer session). Degree applicable units do not include courses such as workshops or developmental courses taken as preparation for the requirements of you major.
  • Complete your degree program within four years if you are a freshman, or two years if you are a transfer, beginning with the first term of enrollment.
  • Maintain good academic standing, a GPA of 2.0 or above.
  • Complete all required courses on the first attempt with the minimum grade requirements for your major, including minimum grade requirements for prerequisites (check the catalog).
  • Complete a California Promise advising workshop and associated workshop requirements every semester.
  • Remain in your admitted major. If you change majors, you must receive approval from the California Promise advisor in the college of your new major verifying that the change of major will allow you to graduate in four years from your first term of enrollment as a freshman or two years from your first term of enrollment as a transfer student. 
  • Register for classes during your assigned California Promise priority registration window (within the first 24 hours of your registration appointment) and pay fees by the required deadlines.
  • Address (clear) any registration holds prior to your assigned registration window.
  • Take required classes when they are offered, regardless of scheduling time.
  • If you take classes at another school after admission, submit a transcript as soon as your grades are posted at that school and send an email to Undergraduate Admissions Evaluation at to alert them the transcript was submitted to SJSU.

What are the benefits of participating in the California Promise Program?

  • Advising specific to graduating in four years for frosh; two years for transfers
  • Early registration time (Example: Juniors in the California Promise Program are assigned registration times before other juniors.)
  • On time completion of your degree can save you up to $50,000 over the course of your career. For more information, check out the Real Cost of College [pdf] infographic.

How to apply to SJSU’s California Promise Program?

Watch your MySJSU account for a message in May

Eligible incoming students (California residents admitted as frosh or as a transfer with a verified Associate Degree for Transfer degree relevant to their admitted major) will receive a message in their MySJSU account after the Intent to Enroll deadline. The message will be posted to your MySJSU account in the month of May. This will contain a link for you to submit your application to the California Promise program.


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