Welcome to the Detachment 045 Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Program!

At Det 045, we produce exemplary leaders of character for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force. Spartan Airmen are servant-leaders who embody the attributes of integrity, selflessness, and excellence as they prepare to lead our country in 21st century operations.


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Cadets at Detachment 045 have a more unique college experience than most other college students. Once a week, cadets attend ROTC classes taught by commissioned Air Force officers (Cadre members). These classes are worth one to three credits at San Jose State University, and are part of the cadet's class schedule. In these classes, cadets are taught about Air Force history, customs and courtesies, and leadership skills. 

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Develop your Leadership Potential

Every Friday, cadets attend a mandatory Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. This is an opportunity for the older cadets to practice their leadership, while younger cadets learn essential skills such as marching and uniform wear. With the cadre's approval, cadet officers organize and oversee LLAB training for all cadets. Though it can be demanding, LLAB is a great time for cadets to get to know one another and work as a team. 

Cadets exercising on the field

Push to New Limits

Physical Training (PT) is a necessity at Detachment 045. PT takes place bright and early, twice a week.  While cadets are still expected to exercise during their free time, they are required to attend Physical Training (PT).  We focus on cardio and strength training to prepare cadets to pass the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), which consists of a 1.5-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups. Cadets must pass the PFA to compete for Field Training and AFROTC Scholarships. 

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Find Camaraderie

Detachment 045 is not all hard work. Besides the required classes, LLAB, and PT, many other opportunities exist for cadets to become involved in the detachment, including Arnold Air Society and the Precision Drill Unit. Other activities, such as trips to military installations, are organized throughout the year for cadets who want to learn more about the military lifestyle. The Air Force ROTC program helps fund these activities to ensure cadets have the opportunity to gain insight into multiple career possibilities.

Moffett - Group

Become a Spartan Airman

Aside from San Jose State University, Detachment 045 serves multiple crosstown universities and colleges in the Bay Area, including Stanford University, U.C. Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University, Foothill Community College, Menlo College, Mission College, Ohlone College and DeAnza Community College. 

AFROTC Detachment 045 receives generous support from many local community organizations, including the Tennessee Ernie Ford Chapter of the Air Force Association (AF361- Sunnyvale,CA), and the Silicon Valley Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. 


Compete for Scholarship Opportunities

Air Force ROTC also offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified ROTC cadets. Twice a year, cadets may apply for a variety of scholarships that can pay up to full college tuition. To be in the AFROTC Program, you do not need to be a U.S citizen. However, in order to compete for a scholarship or to contract with the U.S Air Force, you must be a citizen. If you have any questions, call: (408) 924-2960 or email afrotc@sjsu.edu.


Our Mission, Values, and Priorities

Detachment 045's Mission is to produce exemplary servant-leaders of character for the U.S. Air and Space Forces to lead our country in 21st century operations. Our Vision is to create a culture of Spartan Airmen bound by character, teamwork, and excellence. Our Priorities are character development, teamwork integration, and academic development.

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Learn More About AFROTC


Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is a 4 year program in which students learn how to become an Air Force Officer. During these 4 years, cadets work together to not only learn valuable leadership skills, but also how to work in a team, think critically, and speak in front of others. 


In the AFROTC program, cadets progress from level to another. Each time a cadet increases in level they acquire a different set of training and become more knowledgeable in the tasks they need to become an Air Force Officer.


Besides the required classes, LLAB, and PT, many other opportunities exist for cadets to become involved in other activities. Cadets may be involved in many programs from sports to clubs and internships.


If you are still in high school, consider applying to the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP).
Once a cadet in the AFROTC program, you may be eligible to compete in the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP).

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