Aerospace Studies Class

Aerospace Studies Classes (AS Class) are classes that AFROTC cadets must take in order to become an officer. They are taken in conjunction with Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) and taught by cadre members. AS class teaches a variety of topics such as Air Force history, team and leadership fundamentals, and national security.

Do these classes provide credits?

Yes! AS Class is an official class that goes on your transcript. AS100 and AS200 courses are 1-credit hour; AS300 and AS400 courses are 3-credit hours.

Is AS Class hard?

AS Class is not difficult! As long as you study properly, the instructors give you the resources to do well in the class. They tell you exactly what you need to study and are easier than your typical classes. Furthermore, you will make friends with others in the program and they will study with you! 

How do I sign up for AS Class?

Before attempting to sign up for AS class, please contact cadre (the instructors). While you do not need to be a cadet to sign up for the class, permission is required for participating students.