Physical Training

Physical Training (PT) is a necessity at Detachment 045. PT takes place bright and early, twice a week. While cadets are still expected to exercise during their free time, they are required to attend Physical Training (PT). We focus on cardio and strength training to prepare cadets to pass the necessary fitness evaluations they will need to become an Air Force officer.

What activities are done at PT?

Every week our cadets work hard to come up with unique workouts. Detachment 045 executes a variety of workouts from calisthenics to basketball and yoga. On occasion, we will host workouts at the Spartan Stadium, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University.

Is there anything required for PT?

Yes! You will need at least a sports physical to participate in physical events. As you approach contracting or your second year in the program, cadre will direct you to complete the DoD Medical Evaluation Review Board (DODMERB). This exam is designed to ensure cadets meet the medical requirements for service in the armed forces. Furthermore, cadets are required to wear Physical Training Gear (PTGs). New cadets will not be issued these uniforms until they pass their first Physical Fitness Assessment. However, new cadets are required to wear workout gear with minimal logos and athletics shoes. The proper attire includes a black jacket, athletic shirt, black shorts, black watch, black socks, and athletic shoes (any type).

What is the Physical Fitness Assessment?

The Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) is a test that all AFROTC cadets and Air Force members must take to prove they are fit for service. The test consists of a BMI measurement, 1.5-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups. Cadets must pass the PFA to contract with the U.S. Air Force or compete for Field Training and AFROTC Scholarships.