In the AFROTC program, cadets progress from level to another. Each time a cadet increases in level they acquire a different set of training and become more knowledgeable in the tasks they need to become an Air Force Officer.

Before going over how the program progresses some terminology and acronyms will need to be addressed:

  • GMC = General Military Course [Cadets being taught skills]
    • AS 100 = Cadets in their first year 
      • AS 150 = Cadets who first enter the program during the second half of the semester of training [Treated as AS 100 cadets]
    • AS 200 = Cadets in their second year
      • AS 250 = Cadets who first enter the program during their sophmore year of college [Treated as AS 200 cadets]

  • POC = Professional Officer Course [Cadets teaching the skills]
    • AS 300 = Cadets in their third year
    • AS 400 = Cadets in their fourth year

  • Commission = when a cadet becomes an Air Force Officer

When cadets first start off in the program they are AS 100 cadets and are considered GMC. During this time, cadets learn the basics of marching and other fundamental leadership skills. 

After they complete their first year in the program, cadets then move onto being AS 200 cadets. At this time, they are still considered GMC cadets but are expected to have the basics down. Cadets in this level are expected to prepare for Field Training. Field Training is a summer camp that is held for 2 weeks over the summer. During Field Training cadets are evaluated by instructors on their previous 2 years of training. 

Now that cadets have completed their first 2 years in the program and passed Field Training they are expected to lead and teach other cadets. During this time it is up to the cadet to explore how to become a leader by working directly with the cadets who have just entered the program.

Finally after completing 3 years in the program cadets are preparing to become an Air Force Officer! During this time they learn more leadership skills and the ability to lead a larger group of people. Cadets in AS 400 will take on high positions in the detachment and will supervise the training that the AS 300 give.