When to Reach Out

Always reach out to consult or refer a student (including yourself) before a situation gets more severe. If referring another person, it can be helpful to let them know that you’re referring them so they can get support beyond what you’re capable of providing yourself. This makes our outreach efforts seem connected and anticipated.  

Students (including yourself):

  • You're concerned about a student’s ability to keep themselves safe 
  • You’ve heard/witnessed unhealthy or unsafe actions
  • There has been a recent involuntary hospitalization 
  • There is concern about a student’s ability to adjust to the college environment
  • The depth of concern is significant, but not an emergency 
  • You do not know where else to get help

Faculty & Staff (in addition to the student list):

  • Repeated behavioral concerns that you've addressed and haven't seen change/growth (be sure to use classroom management strategies for more minor disruptions in/out of the classroom)
  • You’ve referred the same individual in the past to Case Management, Behavioral Intervention Team, or SJSU Cares 

For SJSU employees, including student staff, recognize that for many situations you have a duty to report to professionals such as campus case management. This is to ensure that students who have shared sensitive information have the opportunity to get connected to support.


Always call UPD at 408.924.2222 or 911 if you are concerned about someone taking immediate action to hurt themselves or others.