iGrad Financial Literacy

The relationship between education and basic needs is clear. You can’t focus on your education if you can’t afford the basics, so for most of us, we need to make the most of our limited finances. Here are some easy tips and personalized resources for you to make sure you’ll have the money to meet your needs and be successful while you’re here at SJSU.


iGrad is a free, online financial literacy platform all Spartans can use to learn more about smart money choices. Whether you’re experienced with a personal budget, or new to managing your finances, iGrad meets you where you’re at and shows you where to go from there.


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Your ultimate goal is your degree. Every item in your financial aid is packaged to help you get everything you need to reach that (the Cost of Attendance). We all want to minimize debt, but for many of us loans are a necessary tool to help us connect with important opportunities, like  a car, a house, or a decent chance at earning a degree. In fact, 37% of Spartans used the financial aid loans they were awarded to help make their education possible. Leave any of your financial aid on the table, and you could be making getting a degree harder on yourself than it needs to be. Note that most university emergency financial assistance programs require you to have used all your financial aid loans before considering you for crisis funding.

Here are some things to consider about the strategic value of loans that you can use in your favor: