During a case management session, students are encouraged to openly share matters such as personal stress, academic concerns, or social challenges that may be affecting them. Open dialogue can help both work together to identify next steps.

A case manager can:

  • Support students in managing many aspects of their personal, social, and academic success
  • Address questions or concerns about utilizing various campus resources
  • Assist students who are struggling to function academically, socially, or mentally as a result of a personal challenge or crisis
  • Aid students in identifying and navigating offices both on and off campus to meet their respective needs

Note that Case Management provided from this unit operates in a non-clinical capacity. We are not able to provide counseling or therapy to students.


Case Management Referrals

Students are referred for case management services through a variety of channels, with the most common being:

  • Responses submitted through the Concerning Behaviors Report
  • Responses submitted through the SJSU Cares program
  • Administrative referrals through the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, as well as other general concerns identified through contacts made with other departments, faculty/staff, or students
  • Self-referral by students that have identified the need for support