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Annual CLSSC Events

Listed below are our signature annual events. For a more accurate listing of events offered each semester, students can are encouraged to subscribe to our e-newletter, ¡OJO! The newsletter goes out every week during the academic year. Our Instagram account is another great location to receive up-to-date information on events. 

Latinx Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

SJSU celebrates Latinx Heritage Month each fall by offering an array of programs and events that bring awareness to the diverse and rich cultures, histories, traditions, contributions and resilience of Latinx/a/o/ communities around the world. In collaboration with various campus departments and student organizations, programs that are offered focus on:
• Celebrating Latinx/a/o culture, history, and heroes
• Challenging deficit, racist, and discriminatory narratives about Latinx/a/o communities
• Highlighting Latinx/a/o community movements, organizations, and/or individuals who are leading the fight for racial and social justice

La Bienvenida-Fall Welcome (Fall Only)

In direct collaboration with SJSU Chicanx/Latinx student organizations, academic departments, and student support services, Centro welcomes incoming and returning students to the new academic year at SJSU. We celebrate and recognize the hard work students dedicated to arrive and excel at SJSU, and we connect them to various SJSU community members committed to Latinx student success. We celebrate this moment as a community with food and performances.  

Academic Resilience Workshop Series (Fall Only)

This workshop series, facilitated by Centro's Faculty Fellows, provides students with tangible strategies for achieving academic success. Students are introduced to the broader framework that encourages them to define “success” in ways they find personally meaningful. Each session is intentionally designed to be interactive to allow the opportunity for community-building and help students be aware that they are not alone in navigating academia.

Chicanx/ Latinx Student Leadership Retreat (Fall Only)

The primary goal of the SLR is to build a culturally-relevant academic community for Chicanx/Latinx student success at SJSU. The SLR provides students with identity development, specifically focused on critical facets of their non-student identities (ethnic, racial, cultural, familial), in order to address the institutional barriers encountered on the path towards degree completion. The SLR  team works closely with student participants to emphasize emotional clarity, growth and intelligence, along with leadership development and empowerment toward action. 

Student & Faculty Dinner (Fall Only)

To facilitate the building of positive and healthy working relationships between students and faculty (professors), students and faculty enjoy a meal together and engage in meaningful dialogue that helps them have a better understanding of each others’ lived experiences. Through these connections, students walk away knowing more students and faculty in their majors who can support them, having insights on how to achieve their personal and academic aspirations, and feeling more confident in expressing their needs and interests to professors. 

Latinx Speaker Series (Spring Only)

This interactive series aims to empower students by connecting them to SJSU alumni and local community members who have overcome challenging barriers and strive to help their community. Speakers share their culturally relevant stories with students and focus on a variety of topics. All students are welcome to attend.