General Education — A Shared Experience

A university brings together many separate areas of learning, yet it is more than just a collection of specialized disciplines. The SJSU General Education (GE) Program incorporates the development of skills, the acquisition of knowledge, and the integration of knowledge through the study of facts, issues, and ideas. Regardless of major, all who earn undergraduate degrees should share common educational experiences, as they become university scholars. In combination with major, minor, and elective courses, the General Education curriculum should help students attain those attributes found in an educated person.

Spring 2022 GE Workshops

Please join us to learn about new GE Program Learning Outcome assessment processes and results, and the new GE Guidelines for our campus.

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Addition of Area F

Starting in Fall 2021, incoming first-year students will be held to the new Area F: Ethnic Studies GE requirement (3 units). No substitutions or waivers are allowed for Area F, per CSU GE Breadth Guidelines (EO 1100). 

Watch a 10-minute presentation by Dr. Joanne Rondilla, Assistant Professor from the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, about the definition of Ethnic Studies, including the background and learning goals/outcomes of the new Area F requirement.  

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Area D Changes

Starting in Fall 2021, incoming first-year students will be required to take 6 units in Area D, rather than 9 units. Area D is no longer divided into subcategories D1, D2, and D3. Instead, students must take courses in at least two different disciplines (as indicated by course prefixes) across the three courses taken in lower division Social Sciences (Area D, 6 units) and upper division Social Sciences (Area S, 3 units).

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