The Tools for Success

The Department of Human Factors and Ergonomics provides graduate students with four flexible laboratories. There, students can gain hands-on experiences, conduct research, and test their hypotheses and innovations.


The HFE (short for Human Factors Engineering) lab is a research and testing laboratory. This lab features observation rooms, a control room, a large flexible workspace, and secure storage among many other features.

Learning, Attention, Vision, and Application (LAVA)

With Lab Director Dr. Evan Palmer, LAVA is a Human Factors/Ergonomics and Cognitive Psychology Research Lab housed in the Department of Psychology that explores Human Factors, Visual Attention, Gamification, and Data Visualization. For more information, visit the LAVA lab web site.

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Memory, Learning, and Motivation Lab (MLM)

A primary goal of the lab is to provide undergraduate and graduate students experience in conducting survey and experimental research and presenting that research at professional conferences. The lab is equipped with PCs with various cognitive testing software installed (CANTAB, PEBL, e‐Prime). 


The Virtual Environments, Cognition, and Training Research (VECTR) Lab at SJSU provides a space for students to do research in the worlds of cybersecurity, healthcare, and robotics.