Past Projects and Theses

  Number Last Name First Name Title Year Type
  342 Eurich Sky Drivers' Self-Perceived Performance in Automated Vehicles 2019 Project
  341 Arbab Yasmin Display Design Recommendations for USS Client Interface Based on Technical Capability Level 4 (TCL4) Flight Tests 2019 Project
  340 Raad Anthony The Effects of Mobile Application Tutorial Type on Learnability and Engagement 2019 Project
  339 Zdorova Mary L A Usability Evaluation and Redesign of the MyFitnessPal Mobile Health App 2019 Project
  338 Schiro Scott Short-Term Effectiveness of Reducing Stress by Using Mindfulness Apps 2019 Project
  337 Xu Wantong The Effects of Heads-Up Virtual Reality Interface Design on Cognition 2019 Project
  336 Gutfreund Hila What a Guilt Tip: The Influence of UX Captology Design of mPOS Terminals on User Tipping Behavior 2019 Project
  335 Wang Jingwei Mobile Augmented Reality Application Design for Pedestrian Navigation Experience 2019 Project
  334 Yang Xiao Effects of Button Size and Button Location on the Usability of In-Vehicle Touchscreen and Driving Safety 2019 Project
  333 Acorda Neekole Impact of Warning Label Elements on the Ability to Discriminate Real VS. Demonstration Medications 2019 Project
  332 Navarro Jackeline Head-up Displays Vs. Head-Down Displays for Vehicle Navigation with Implemented Driving Distractions 2019  Project
  331 Echiverri Chelsea  A Comparison of Activity-centered based methodologies vs Human-centered design to Develop Universal Design 2019  Project 
  330 Tupe Harshada  Heuristic Evaluation and Usability Analysis of CyberVAN: A Training Simulation for Cyber Security Professionals 2019  Project 
  329 Thai Elaine  How Haptic Feedback in a Mixed Reality Pool Game Affects Real-Life Pool Performance 2019   Project 
  328 Knapen Elisabeth Effect of Warning Design in Instructions for Use on Attention, Memory, Compliance, and Preference 2019   Project 
  327 Knapen Helena Effect of Contradictory Subjective Ratings on Observer Memory of the Objective Event 2019   Project 
  326 Wang Hsuan A School AR Tour and Mobile Social Platform 2019   Project 
  325 Baeza Rianna Perceived Usefulness of Voice Assistant Technology Influenced by Cognitive Load, Visual Feedback and Personality 2019   Project 
  324 Pfeifer Patrick The Effects of Presentation on Temporal Discounting 2019   Project 
  323 Nguyen Christopher Trust in Automation: Transparency for Enhancing the Reliability of a Health Assistant Chatbot 2019   Project 
  322 Amiri Elnaz Application of Perceptual Learning and Gamification Methods to Improve Diagnosis of OCT Retinal Images 2019   Project 
  321 Wang Yifei Redesign Tesla Model 3 Media Player Interface For Better Safety and Efficiency 2019   Project 
  320 Tababa David-Ren A Usability Study on the Tidal Mobile Music Streaming Application 2019   Project
  319 Chastain Janet Healthcare Handoffs among Lay Caregivers 2019   Project 
  318 Alvero Kathryn Factors Affecting Visual Search for Medication Vials 2019   Project 
  317 Soliman Sommayah The Effect of Task Difficulty, Task Order, and Heart Rate Feedback on Perceived Workload and Performance in Males 2019   Project 
  316 Shu Josephine Matchmaking for College Students in Shared Living Spaces 2019   Project 
  315 Huang Jack Investigating Leaderboard Designs and Trait Competitiveness 2019   Project 
  314 Wang Jiayue Gamified Coupon Mobile Application 2019   Project 
  313 Endresen Ian Analyzing Motivations for Disruptive Behavior in Video Games 2019   Project 
  312 Hagiwara Himeka Presence and Performance in Non-Virtual Human-Robot Collaboration Tasks 2019   Project 
  311 Xia Han Mobile Application Design for Social Event Exploration for Dog-owners and Dogs 2019   Project 
  310 Boston Madison The Effectiveness of Text Message Reminder Frequency and Content on Engagement with Health Tracking 2019   Project 
  309 Barrett Jade The Effects of Biofeedback on Activating the Transverse Abdominis Using Audio-Haptic Stimulation 2019   Project 
  308 Laffoon  Joseph Impact of Training and Distance Between Targets on Performance 2018 Project
  307 Crane Janelle Effects of Variations in Data Visualizations on Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Accuracy 2018 Project
  306 Chen Katherine Impact of Traffic Light Labeling and Bold Font on Comprehension of Nutrition Fact Labels and Purchase Intention 2018 Project
  305 Narayan Divya Investigating the Effect of Asymmetrical Back Support on Comfort for Users with Scoliosis 2018 Project
  304 Jiang Connie Mobile Application Design for Finding Climbing Partners 2018 Project
  303 Goodyear Madison Perception of Digital Badge Design 2018 Project
  302 Olufemi Olamide Usability of Mobile App Design for San Jose State University Carpool 2018 Project
  301 Feick Nathan Juxtaposition of Oculometrics and the Psychomotor Vigilance Task During Acute Sleep Deprivation 2018 Project
  300 Varma Vasudha Effect of Transparency on Trust in Automated Decision Support Systems In Everyday Mobile Applications 2018 Project
  299 Durham Dewitt  Cognitive Load Management In Software Training Materials 2018 Project
  298 Yue Fung Cheuk  Effects of Secondary Task On Warning Alerts in Autonomous Driving 2018 Project
  297 Rathinasamy  Saaikishore Applying User-Centered Design Framework to Physical Spaces 2018 Project
  296 Goenka Omprakash Manisha Chatbot's Influence on User Decision by Utilizing Persuasive Design Principles In Regard to Environmental Sustainability 2018 Project
  295 Yue Fung  Cheuk Effects of Secondary Task on Warning Alerts in Autonomous Driving  2018 Project
  294  Sumner Anna Individual Differences In Mind - Wandering and Learning: The Impact of Questions in Massive Open Online Courses 2018 Project
  293 Chao Alexander A Usability Evaluation of the Netflix Mobile Application 2018 Project
  292 Scott Alexander Reliability Presentation as a Moderator of Trust 2018 Project
  291 Taklikar Sharvari A Mobile Application for students to access the information related to the career at San Jose State University "Spartajobs" 2018 Project
  290 Santamaria Tricia A Comparison of Onboarding Styles Between User Experience Architectures 2018 Project
  289 Sirohi Astha Difference in Humans Conversing with Chatbot And Humans 2018 Project
  288 Sreesha Kruthi Mysore Comparing Multimodal Feedback on Task Performance and Workload during Mobile Gaming 2018 Project
  287 Russell  Ricky Testing Human Autonomy Teaming Concepts on a Global Positioning System Under Heavy Traffic Condtions 2018 Project
  286 Yu Xiao Mobile App Design for Sports Pickup Games 2017 Project
  285 Srishva Kavitha Unified Mobile Ticketing Application for Bay Area Public Transport 2017 Project
  284 Castagnolo Michael A Study of Chart Junk on Smartphones 2017 Project
  283 Quan Jennifer  Effect of Paging vs. Scrolling on Reading Informed Consent 2017 Project
  282 Nerpio Cornelius  Optimal Placement of In-Vehicle Hud Messaging Based On Driving Performance Costs 2017 Project
  281 Strybel David Study of Effectiveness of Civilian Pepper Spray Designs During Self-Defense Situations: A Pilot Study 2017 Project
  280 Wang Senxuan Applying User-Centered Design Framework to Physical Spaces 2017 Project
  279 Tu Chia-Wei Eye-tracking Analysis of User Behavior in a Shopping Site's Search Results Page with Different Components and Layers 2017 Project
  278 Mehrotra Nishtha Effect of Pitch and Speaking Rate on Trust in Human Robot Interaction 2017 Project
  277 Johnson Chelsea Forces Behind Intuitive Use: Prior Experience and Affordances 2017 Project
  276 Renema Fritz The Effect of Simulated Visual Vibration on a Concept Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Advanced Caution and Warning System  2007 Project
  275 Wu Jackie  How New Parents Organize and Share Their Pictures - Contextual Inquiry to Identify the Design Requirements for Private Tagging 2006 Project
  274 Le Andy A Comparison of Video Games and Educational Games with a Focus on Design Elements 2017 Project
  273 Wu Qinqe Evaluation of Task Switching Performance and Perceived Workload with Heart Rate Variability Measures 2017 Project
  272 Payne Chance The Effect of Age on Flow in Video Games 2017 Project
  271 Caballero Cipactly Effects of Sit-Stand Intervention for Increased Adherence to Postural Changes 2017 Project
  270 Ramakrishnan Keerthika Establishing Situational Awareness in Vehicle Take Back Scenarios using Car Seat Vibration 2017 Project
  269 Garibaldi Mark Human Factors Evaluation of Hand Hygiene Compliance in a Healthcare Setting  2017 Project
  268 Feng Yi Effect of Change Blindness on Different Sized Screens Using Animated Transitions  2016 Project
  267 Wu Hui-Min Smartphone On-Screen Input Methods Performance Comparison 2016 Project
  266 Jordan Bob An Analysis of Object Based and Action Based Interaction Designs 2016 Project
  265 Johar Sahiba Diner are Indivduals, Individualizing the User Experience of Dining Menus 2016 Project
  264 Nada Bayan Effects of Watch Type, Ambient Illumination, & Font Size on the Readability of Text on Smartwatch Devices 2016 Project
  263 Young Tiffany Reduction of Alarm Fatigue: A Human Factors Assessment 2016 Project
  262 Nitz Alyssa A Comparison of Computer Input Devices on Student Performance and Experience in a Reading Application 2016 Project
  261 Ishak Danielle Analysis of Elderly Human-Robot Team Trust Models 2016 Project
  260 Ruivo Samantha The Effects of Method of Control and Gaming Experience on Performance and Level of Engagement in Mobile Gaming 2016 Project
  259 Tomko Linda Impact of Correlated and Uncorrelated Noise on Binocular Perception 2014 Thesis
  258 Phi Tuan-Kha An Analysis of Learning Methods with Regards to Backpack Ergonomics 2016 Project
  257 Zarate-Sanderlin Alessandra Effect of Instruction Format and Availability on Discharge Instruction Recall and Comprehension 2016 Project
  256 Shokrpour Auriana Effects of Data Visualization on Perceived Trustworthiness of Online Content 2016 Project
  255 Wu Gowa Data Wrangling: A Comparison of Software Tools 2016 Project
  254 Vora Darshil Effect of Different Types of Search Relevancy on Performance, Accuracy and Satisfaction of Information Retrieval 2016 Project
  253 Visich Tim Nurse-Tablet and Standing Computer Workstation Interaction: Posture in the Context of a Healthcare Setting 2016 Project
  252 Ceballos Guillermo Investigating Webpage Switching Performance On Mobile Web Browsers 2016 Project
  251 Wang Mike (Guan) The Relationships Among User Experience, Student Characteristics and Student Performance in Evaluating An Online Statistics Course 2016 Project
  250 Mitchell Charles Captology of Mobile Fitness Applications, and Its Application on Run Performance 2016 Project
  249 Valladao Will Mesauring the Effect of Metaphorical Fuel Efficiency Gauges in Automotive Dashboard Displays 2016 Project
  248 Gama Obeth Snacks Behind The Wheel: Simulated Driving Performance of Eating and Drinking While Driving 2015 Project
  247 Arora Shobana Subramanian A Custom E-Reader App for the Brain-Muscle-Computer-Interface: Conceptual Design 2015 Project
  246 Arora Shobana Subramanian Design of Graphical User Interfaces for Brain-Computer Systems: A Review of Literature 2015 Project
  245 Verma Neha Evaluation of Google Glass's Navigation Feature for Pedestrians 2015 Project
  244 Fraser Mary L Ethical Decision Making of User Experience Professionals 2015 Project
  243 Tobias Crystal Older Users and In-Vehicle Infotainment Navigation Map Use 2015 Project
  242 Mendez Douglas C User Impact of Simple Feedback on Touch-Screen Based Devices 2015 Project
  241 Volz Jacob Gamification of an Introductory Online Statistics Course Using Gambling Mechanics 2015 Project
  240 Sivakumar Aishwarya Evaluation and Redesign of Lam Spectra Analyzer 2015 Project
  239 Orth Daniel Determination of A Mouse Device That Enables Best Performance by the Non-Dominant Hand 2015 Project
  238 Galeon Margaret Redesigning Hand Hygiene Interactions: A Human Factors Approach to Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance in the Medical Surgery Unit 2015 Project
  237 Gall Jay Exploring the Influence of Visual Saliency on Banner Advertisement Within Web Pages 2015 Project
  236 Rogers Steve Effect of Key Layout on Spatial and Temporal Accuracy in Beginner Music Exercises 2015 Project
  235 Swett Daniel The Impact of Device Usability on Self-Injections 2015 Project
  234 McEvoy Peter Contextualizing Mnemonic Phrase Passwords 2015 Project
  233 Velinsky Elizabeth Effects of Doodling and Presentation Mode on Mind Wandering and Attention to Lecture Material 2015 Project
  232 Bienenfeld Stacie Situation Awareness Study on 2014 September Issue of Vogue 2015 Project
  231 Ford Sara Coding An Augmented Reality Pursuit Rotor for Studying Continuous Skills Using The Kinect V2 Sensor 2015 Project
  230 Ching Patrick Effect of IFU Formatting on User Performance with a Novel Device 2015 Project
  229 LaCross Ryan The Effect of Humorous Interfaces on the User Experience 2015 Project
  228 Silverman Evan The Effects of Spatial Ability and Menu Structure on User Performance During Electronic Menu Navigation Tasks 2015 Project
  227 Schabel Ryan The Effects of Distraction Type and Conversation Topic on Driver Performance and Situation Awareness 2015 Project
  226 Panpalia Prachi Distractions in Virtual Meetings 2015 Project
  225 Tseng Yu-Shan Can Visual Instructions Help Rescuers While Using an Automated External Defibrillator? 2015 Project
  224 Xiong Jie UI Design Stereotypes of Clickable Icon and Button Elements 2015 Project
  223 Anderson Ashley Captology Principles and Their Level of Persuasion on Solar Panel Purchase Decisions 2015 Project
  222 Haffezi Arian Design mHealth Smartphone Applictions 2015 Project
  221 Kagel Pazit Design of ePRO Reports for Clinicians Better Decision Making 2015 Project
  220 Cook Nathan An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Persuasive Mechanics in Social Network Registrations 2015 Project
  219 Jarad Bell Incognito: Shoulder Surfing Resistant PIN Entry Method 2015 Project
  218 Ponnada Soujanya Tactile Keyboard: An evaluation of typing efficieny and satisfaction on tactile interface 2014 Project
  217 Lee Tiffany Biomechanics and Joy of Use in Novel Multimodal Interactions 2014 Project
  216 Williams Joseph Effects of Altering In-Vehicle Touch Screen Size and Design on Driver Performance 2014 Project
  215 McConnell Megan Effects of Alternative Mouse Design and Mouse Positioning on Task Performance 2014 Project
  214 Carroll Ben Effect of Task Variables and Color on Assembly Time 2014 Project
  213 Yamaguchi Asuka Effects of Noise, Light, and Airflow on Office Occupant Comfort and Work Performance 2014 Project
  212 Cheung Zheng Effects of Game Controls Mechanics on First Person Shooting in Virtual Environments with the Oculus Rift 2014 Project
  211 Lee Lotus Re-Designing Permission Requirements to Encourage BYOD Policy Adherence 2014 Project
  210 Ackerman Aaron Range Anxiety and Impact Awareness in Electrical Vehicle 2014 Project
  209 Wilkerson Wyatt Application of the Emotiv EPOC for Usability Testing Measurement 2014 Project
  208 Zheng Siyuan Evaluation of the Performance of the Google Glass Bone Conduction Headphone in Different Noisy Environments 2014 Project
  207 Gonzalez Bobby An Eye Gaze Analysis of Content-Based vs. Collaboratively Filtered Product Recommendations on 2014 Project
  206 Davis Morgan Progress Bars and Their Influence on Cognitive Load and Other Performance Measures in Computer Based Assessment 2014 Project
  205 Medina Aileen Effects of Sit-Stand Desk Stations on Working Posture, Productivity, & Comfort Among Computer Desktop Users 2014 Project
  204 Wenger Max Using Electroencephalography to Index and Evaluate Player Engagement in Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Systems 2014 Final Paper
  203 Palan Pooja The Icon Project: Usability of icons replacing product labels 2011 Project
  202 Karami Isaac Read-Back Format Effect on Air Traffic Controller Error Detection Ability  2006 Project
  201 Desai Amish Evaluating a hotel check-in/check out kiosk for environmental, hardware, and software issues relating to user experience   Project
  200 Tran Thanh Responsive Web Browsing Performance Along Different Form Factors 2014 Project
  199 Vaughn-Luma Dustin Designing Mobile Touch Gesture Cues For Guided Instruction and Performance 2014 Project
  198 Wendt James Expertise and Point-Of-intercept on Visuo-Motor Delay and Temportal Accuracy in a Virtual Motion Task 2014 Project
  197 Wu Sampson Process Flow Mapping and Root Cause Analysis of Fixed Asset Management at Santa Clara Vally Medical Center 2014 Project
  196 Yi LinLin Managing Perceived Waiting Time on Mobile Phone Travel Applications 2014 Project
  195 Uppalapati Abhijith Video Conferencing Tool Design 2014 Project
  194 Brick Erica A Human Factors Evaluation of Website Designs 2014 Project
  193 Salomon Ari Menu Design of M-Commerce Applications: A Human Factors Approach to Menu Design for Mobile Commerce Applications 2014 Project
  192 Carter Sam The Effects of Information Presentation on Navigation Performance 2014 Project
  191 Gieber Jennifer Designing for Hands Free Content Delivery on Google Glass 2014 Project
  190 Wheelwright Scott Comparison of Local and Remote Moderated Usability Testing Methods 2014 Project
  189 Vora Shivam A Human Factors Assessment of Grocery Store Self Checkout Kiosks 2014 Project
  188 Jonas Suzanne Gamification and Online Community Participation 2014 Project
  187 Truong The Anh The Effects of Distractions on User Primary Task Performance Using the Google Glass
2014 Project
  186 Cawit Cherrylyn Game Flow: Integrating Physiological and Performance-based DDA Mechanisms to Enhance Player Experiences 2014 Project
  185 Jaiswal Nidhi Comparison of Different Interaction Modes in Google Glass 2014 Project
  184 Seropian Gabriela Book Smarts and Street Smarts: Practical Intelligence and its Relationship to Patient Safety Errors in Nurse Performance 2014 Project
  183 Hunt Sarah The Impact of Trajectory Prediction Uncertainty on Reliance Strategy and Trust Attitude in an Automated Air Traffic Management Environment 2013 Thesis
  182 Gannon Kathy Improving Children's E-books through Text Treatments 2013 Project
  181 Koo David The Effects of Gesture Interfaces on Cognitive Load While Performing Simulated Driving Tasks 2013 Project
  180 Zhang Jian The Effects of Menu Structure and Speech Rate on User Experience of Interactive Voice Response Systems 2013 Project
  179 Salud Ellen Developing a library of display effects on pilot performance: Methods, meta-analyses, and performance estimates 2013 Thesis
  178 Taula Margarita Effect of Level of Automation and Failure Frequency on Operator Performance 2013 Thesis
  177 Istan Gabriela Designing Affordances on Embedded Interfaces 2013 Thesis
  176 Blosch Justin Effects of Chronic Regulatory Focus and Feedback Framing on Persuasive Technology 2013 Project
  175 Mangini Joseph Gaming and Vigilance Tasks as a Predictor for X-Ray Scanning Abilities 2013 Project
  174 Whitaker Carson The Influence of Voice and Touch Screen Controls on Driver Distraction, Situation Awareness, and Cognitive Load 2013 Project
  173 Vaidyanathan Vidya A comparative study of simple computer interactions using touchscreen and 3D hand gestures 2013 Project
  172 Nissenbaum Daniel Direct and Indirect Input Modality In-Car Telematics Systems 2013 Project
  171 Kyi Joyce Effects of Laptop Tilt Angle and Distance on Posture and Muscle Activity 2013 Project
  170 Mamaghani Abe Effective Auditory Alarms For Medical Devices 2013 Project
  169 Luu Jessica The Influence of Input Controls For Vehicle Entertainment Systems on Driver's Situation Awareness 2013 Project
  168 Saqqar Nizar M. Effects of Using a Vertical Mouse on Errors, Motion Time, Ergonomics, and the User
2012 Project
  167 Griffeth Laura Effects of Text Redundancy and Visual Cueing in Screencasts on Learning 2012 Project
  166 Kawamura Masashi Effect of Different Types of Icon Frames on Icon Search Efficiency 2012 Project
  165 Shimuk Natasha Best Approaches In Design of Mall Directories 2012 Project
  164 Quintero Soid Measuring 'The WOW Factor' 2012 Project
  163 Yu Hua Scrolling or Paging: Situation Awareness on Mobile Interfaces 2012 Project
  162 Dave Shailee Effects of Hyperlinks Display on Touch-Screen Mobile Devices 2012 Project
  161 Moore Jahsan Console Controller Design:A Comparison of PS3 and XBO360 Devices for Safety 2012 Project
  160 Brown Stephen Effect of Note-Taking on Note Features and Recall 2012 Project
  159 Cao Yi An Investigation into Different Strategies for Designing Online Form Validation 2012 Project
  158 Kothari Ashna Effects of Mental Models and Screen Size on User Performance with Websites and Apps on Mobile Devices 2012 Project
  157 Mahlstedt Eric A. The Ergonomic Risks of Brewing Beer 2012 Project
  156 Farrell Allison M. Effects of Measurement Integration and Display Media on Recipe Execution 2012 Project
  155 Wolter Cynthia A A Quantitative Operator Stool and Magnification Loupe Intervention Analysis For Dental Hygienists 2012 Project
  154 Boroumand Nasson J.S. The Effect of Page Turn Indicator Design on the Use of Two-sided Poster
2012 Project
  153 Doddavulu Deepthi Reddi Effects of Disfluency on Reading Comprehension, Retention and Discoverability 2011 Project
  152 Adamson Celeste Improving the Webinar Experience: Differences in Presenter Movement and Visual Feeds 2011 Project
  151 Bouchard Brooks Display Control Compatibility of Interface/Input Controls in Massively Multiplayer Online Video Games 2011 Project
  150 Chapman Patrick Impact of Key Size Differences on Smartpone Text Input Performance by Two-Thumb Expert Typers 2011 Project
  149 Umayam Jennifer R. The effects of font type, backlight, and screen type on readability 2011 Project
  148 Merce Micaela The relative effectiveness of different video training formats 2011 Project
  147 Ek Katie Designing for conservation: How visual display of feedback motivates a change in household energy use 2011 Project
  146 Lorenz Kortnie M. Effects of passenger cell phone conversations on driver performance 2011 Project
  145 Atkinson Katie Mobile device use and handedness 2011 Project
  144 Yu Nicole The reading experience: A comparison across Kindle, iPad, and hardcopies 2011 Project
  143 Hercules Jacob Improving user comprehension of unfamiliar concepts in a one-time-use interface 2011 Project
  142 Matsumoto Ryosuke Effect of multi-touch technology on the efficiency and the accuracy of cursor control devices 2011 Project
  141 Basra Ruby Usability evaluation of public library websites through heuristic analysis and user testing 2011 Project
  140 Dinakar Deepalakshmi Does the length of an interruption make it more disruptive? Examining the effect of video replay to aid recovery from interruption 2011 Project
  139 Urdaneta Lina Maria Effecs of menu design on performance and preference on multi-touch mobile device applications 2011 Project
  138 Liang Jia Soft keyboard design for one-handed thumb typing on touch screen mobile phone 2011 Project
  137 Masuda Kiyoko A print dialog box with a hierrchical tree diagram and feedback 2011 Project
  136 Singh Shailja Recall and recognition of online ads 2011 Project
  135 Spencer Katherine Evaluating Trademark Design 2011 Thesis
  134 Cabrall Christopher D Aircraft Deconfliction Responsibility Across En Route Sectors in NextGen Separation Assurance 2010 Thesis
  133 Freeman Beverly Using eye tracking to cue retrospective think-aloud 2010 Thesis
  132 Hays Stephen A human factors approach to the design of commercial spaces 2010 Project
  131 Tieu Jeweleeh Single-handed chord keyboard: a learning curve study on training method, musical experience, and reaction time 2010 Project
  130 Kovacevic Jana Does finger size affect perfomance on virtual versus physical qwerty keyboards on mobile devices? 2010 Project
  129 Lee Michael An investigation into different strategies for making tables on computer displays easier to read 2010 Project
  128 Mohlajee Anjali The relationship between spatial ability and metaphors in speech interface design 2010 Project
  127 Nurkse Peter User interface visual simplicity and functionality in a consumer product 2010 Project
  126 Payumo Pelagio Quantification of variable driving distractions 2010 Project
  125 Sarraf Niloufar Traditional versus social search engine: will they rescue us from drowning in the ocean of web resources? 2010 Project
  124 Snyder David Effects of input type and task complexity onperformance with a multi-touch interface 2010 Project
  123 Ye Wieze Vivienne Self checkout system overview and comparison 2010 Project
  122 Yuen Gary The effects of different types of progressive disclosure on information gathering of an online shopping site 2010 Project
  121 Zamora Jennifer Toolbar evaluation: analyzing the design of icons on user performance 2010 Project
  120 Acharya Shanthi A study of wayfinding with interactive maps 2009 Project
  119 Beno James Effect of telepresence light and ambient light on glare and appearance 2009 Thesis
  118 Breaux Amy Evaluating the intuitiveness and effectiveness of two alternative adjustable keyboards 2009 Project
  117 Gunderson Sheri A study of visual displays of data objects 2009 Project
  116 Harp D'Anne Effects of MP3 modality on driving performance and workload 2009 Thesis
  115 Hull Jonathan Analysis of mental models of users with respect to continuous undo and time 2009 Project
  114 Pakhun Caroline A comparison of mobile pedestrian wayfinding aids: Garmin nuvi GPS and iPhone maps 2009 Project
  113 Loconte III Vito Consumers' comprehension of food product dating 2009 Project
  112 Losasico Joanne Usability evaluation of a moderator dashboard 2009 Project
  111 Lueke Jamie Salience coding and multimodal design for children diagnosed with auditory process disorder 2009 Project
  110 Miller Jamie Investigating how individual differences impact usability: designing a web application for the SJSU subject pool 2009 Project
  109 Ostrem Jean Eye tracking and interactive TV interfaces 2009 Project
  108 Pandelea Sofia Best approaches in design of electronic book readers 2009 Project
  107 Shriniwar Aarti Effect of cognitive workload on user satisfaction and performance with an iphone parking application 2009 Thesis
  106 Thompson Richard Paul Human factors evaluation of a current sign, four redesigns according to results, and a comparison of the designs and elements 2009 Project
  105 Westendorf Patrick An evaluation of a mouse flick gesture for the back and forward navigation buttons in web browsers using alternate mouse devices 2009 Project
  104 Burchard Michaux Usability evaluation of two popular building evacuation chairs by novice users 2008 Project
  103 Caras Michelle Designing a health
2008 Thesis
  102 Homola Jeffrey R. Analysis of human and automated separation awareness at varying traffic levels 2008 Thesis
  101 Houston Hillary Development of trail signage for American hiking trails 2008 Thesis
  100 Hsiao Shannan Analysis and redesign of 2008 Project
  99 Peters Kirsten Influence of ten-pin bowling proficiency on upper extremity movement characteristics and performance in first-time Wii-bowling 2008 Project
  98 Santos Roger A comparative study of information presentation methods used in a auto insurance claims management system 2008 Thesis
  97 Sarkisian Gregory The salience and effectiveness of amusement ride safety warning signs 2008 Project
  96 Williams April An investigation on integrating landmarks into online driving directions 2008 Thesis
  95 Zou Xiaopeng Improvements on how to present neighborhood information to first-time home buyers on real estate websites 2008 Project
  94 Byrd Marie A study of endurance risk factors in Bay area commercial fishermen 2007 Thesis
  93 Cohen Michal Usability Evaluation and Redesign of BART Ticket Vending Machine 2007 Project
  92 Colletti Laura Sleep/wake cycles of personnel working a Mars day 2007 Project
  91 Devlin Lisa A study of firearms mode indicators 2007 Project
  90 Gin Tina Marie Effects of computer effectiveness training on posture 2007 Project
  89 Johnson Kristin Navigation labels: issues related to length and quality 2007 Thesis
  88 Kravitz James Frakes Effects of input device on different age groups performing goal-oriented tasks 2007 Thesis
  87 Law David A rapid ethnographic study of digital audio workshop environments 2007 Project
  86* Lebbos Nahida Mouse device and method of support on muscular activity *Winner of the 2007 SJSU Outstanding Thesis award 2007 Thesis
  85 Lewis Paula Ergonomic assesssment of injury data and risk associated with a manufacturing facility of distilled spirits 2007 Thesis
  84 Makanawala Prerna Tejesh Usability research and improved UI design for RFx bid comparison analysis tool 2007 Project
  83 Mercer Joey Airborne spacing and merging in the terminal area 2007 Project
  82 Renema Fritz The effect of simulated visual vibration on a concept crew exploration vehicle (CEV) advanced caution and warning system 2007 Project
  81 Tam Y.T. Janice Visual momentum in window management 2007 Project
  80 White Brent-Kaan William Applying decision support to design 2007 Thesis
  79 Choo Lisa Suyin Identifying information for the multi sector planner 2006 Thesis
  78 Davis Theresa E. Guidelines for speech user interfaces 2006 Thesis
  77 Delsaer Nathalie The saucepan handle: is it time for evolution? 2006 Thesis
  76 Elyacy Jawid A user-centered design approach to developing a Boolean logic aiding system 2006 Thesis
  75 Garcia-Chico Jose Luis A human factors analysis of operational errors in ATC : the TCAS case study 2006 Thesis
  74 Grubaugh William Douglas Motor skill training via dynamic computer generated graphics 2006 Thesis
  73 Kugel Sabina Cell phone icon recognition by older adults 2006 Thesis
  72 Kuo Elaine How levels of chat fluency in instant messaging affect task performance and interaction satisfaction 2006 Thesis
  71 Loewenhardt Ruth Analysis of bread bag closures for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis 2006 Thesis
  70 Padilla Jennifer An evaluation of wireless phone text-messaging 2006 Thesis
  69 Toon Kelly Usability of vehicle navigation systems in novice versus experienced users 2006 Thesis
  68 Wallach David Redesign of a backpack's strap system for enhanced usability while rock climbing 2006 Project
  67 Zuverink David Product design for seniors-applying contextual inquiry to identify photo management needs 2006 Thesis
  66* Cangiano Gaston In search of patterns in incident reports : a syntactic approach *Winner of the 2005 SJSU Outstanding Thesis award 2005 Thesis
  65 Concepcion Jose R. Assistive technologies based on synthetic speech : interface compatibility 2005 Thesis
  64 Dao Arik-Quang V. The effect of kinesthetic and spatial information in manual control performance 2005 Thesis
  63 Devine Heather Hampton Effect of scroll bar and navigation menu co-location on web performance 2005 Thesis
  62 Granata-Clark Kim Ergonomic analysis of posture among members of a landscape tree crew 2005 Thesis
  61 Guneratne Eromi Effects of integrating weather onto a synthetic terrain 2005 Thesis
  60 Hixson V. J. Effect of Rater Background on Objectivity 2005 Thesis
  59 Huang Kristen S. Effect of ambient noise on the comprehension of synthetic speech 2005 Thesis
  58 Kelso Dan Effects of frequent, active microbreaks during computer operation 2005 Thesis
  57 Langer Dawn Armstrong Ergonomic product intervention and training on productivity and comfort 2005 Thesis
  56 Murphy Robert The effect of target color and contrast on movement time in aimed movement tasks 2005 Thesis
  55 Schultz Kristine Evaluating written ergonomic material among sheet metal workers 2005 Thesis
  54 Talvensaari Michael Thin vs. thick client enterprise web applications 2005 Thesis
  53 Tingley Susan Ergonomics training and office employees' attitude, awareness, and knowledge 2005 Thesis
  52 Ulrey Robert Ergonomic training and fear appeal: impact on behavior and intention 2005 Thesis
  51 Wagner Frances Mary Comparing office ergonomics test scores between injured and non-injured workers 2005 Thesis
  50 Weber Frederick Effects of processing code on driving safety during simulated mobile phone use 2005 Thesis
  49 Wehner Mark Edward Visual recall cues for internet passwords 2005 Thesis
  48 Alvarado Melissa Marie Effects of computer input device on movement time and error among older adults 2004 Thesis
  47 Kingsburg Jennifer Rose A comparison of three-level menu navigation structures for web design 2004 Project
  46 Lee Thomas G. Using rotation cues to aid cursor manipulation with control-display misalignment 2004 Thesis
  45 Lilien Janice Serafine Effect of graphic input device and repetition on wrist posture 2004 Thesis
  44 Naylor Lydia The effect of blink on attention capture in web-based design 2004 Thesis
  43 Rogers Deidre Evaluating spacing of practice effects on the learning of shortcut keys 2004 Thesis
  42 Sleeter Melissa Driven to distraction : when drivers talk on cell phones 2004 Thesis
  41 Starr Samantha The effect of attention-capturing salient speech disruptions on ATC performance 2004 Thesis
  40 Taube Elisa Ann A usability comparison of e-commerce shopping cart designs 2004 Thesis
  39 Zhao Serena M. Product culturalization 2004 Thesis
  38 Alnaser Musaed Effect of chair design on ratings of discomfort 2003 Thesis
  37 Gallant Mandy W. Evaluation of electronic text display modes for small screen devices 2003 Thesis
  36 Oyung Raymond Activity and light exposure patterns in flight crew 2003 Thesis
  35 Phillips Linda Effect of computer input device on speed and accuracy of older adults 2003 Thesis
  34 Picciano Paul Time vs. certainty : pilot preference and conflict alerting in free flight 2003 Thesis
  33 Rowe Cassy Improving the usability of a financial educational tool 2003 Thesis
  32 Tam Liza Effects of a supersector and color-coded aircraft altitude on ATC performance 2003 Thesis
  31 Delnegro A. Rina Simulated design and analysis of a cognitive prosthetic for Alzheimer's disease 2002 Thesis
  30 Dowell Susan Cognitive tunneling: mitigating effects of HUD symbology location 2002 Thesis
  29 Jara David Air traffic control specialist performance in shared versus traded states 2002 Thesis
  28 Jones Karen M. The use of moving map technology to prevent wire strikes in helicopter flight 2002 Thesis
  27 Karvat Krupa Joshi Computing postures observed in the living room: effects of a keyboard platform 2002 Thesis
  26 Crane Rebecca J. EMG activity of the upper trapezius during computer mouse use in three locations 2001 Thesis
  25 Lins Joanne Coding message criticality level on a data link display 2001 Thesis
  24 Purcell Kevin Patrick The influence of alerts (callouts) on pilot visual attention to an electronic taxi map 2001 Thesis
  23 Sipes Stephen Edward Image quality reconstruction with neural networks 2001 Thesis
  22 Verma Savita Arora Context in human performance models as applied to dynamic resectorization 2001 Thesis
  21 Voge-Levin Lisa A comparison of mouse wrist supports during computer mouse function 2001 Thesis
  20 Austin David James An approach to concurrently evaluate human task goals and machine behavior 2000 Thesis
  19 Imam-Jaber Amina Suaifa Effects of modeling on
retention and transfer of two motor tasks
2000 Thesis
  18 Montalvo Michael Determining the effectiveness of data link communications in the terminal environment 2000 Thesis
  17 Appenrodt Kathleen W. Wrist posture during computer mouse with and without chair armrests 1999 Thesis
  16 English Jeffrey Dale Posture and internet navigation : an observational study 1999 Thesis
  15 Gore Brian Modeling distributed cognition: system interaction in free flight 1999 Thesis
  14 Gutierrez Richard Evaluation of alarm reduction scheme using simulation software 1999 Project
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