2022-23 HonorsX cohort at the SVIC 2022
HonorsX takes on the SVIC 2022

2024-25 Theme: AI for Sustainability

HonorsX is an interdisciplinary program. Students will be part of a cohort consisting of students from different majors to propose new solutions to social problems. The program is co-taught by faculty from different majors/colleges across campus, bringing students the opportunity to network with mentors from industry professionals and experts. HonorsX values different backgrounds and experiences and centers the vision and voice of students in their own learning journey.

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Introduction of the 2024-25 HonorsX instructors and their affiliation.

Meet the 2024-25 HonorsX Instructors

Join Tina Korani and Alejandro Artiga-Purcell, along with our Peer Mentor, Silky Nigenda, in discussing the HonorsX Interdisciplinary research program, emphasizing its benefits such as interdisciplinary learning, mentorship, networking, and research opportunities.

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image of the 2023-2024 HonorsX cohort

Why HonorsX?

Students will have the opportunity to apply knowledge from their major and build skills outside of their major, take initiative to solve social problems of their choice, receive mentorship from industry mentors and former HonorsX student peer mentors, network with peers, faculty, and experts from different fields, and acquire practical skills to found own start-up, apply for graduate school, internships, and fellowships.

Stephanie Arevalos

Stephanie Arevalos, B.S. Business Administration, 2023-24

"When you graduate, you're not going to work with people of the same discipline, (instead), you're going to be in spaces where there is engineer, finance, or art majors; HonorsX exposes us to that and to learning how to work with different perspectives and finding common grounds, which you'll have to do once you graduate and begin your career."

A pie chart showing the diversity of majors joining HonorsX

Diversity of Majors at HonorsX

An image of Nathan Anico presenting

 Nathan Anico, B.S. Public Health, 2022-23

"Learn to be vulnerable to collaborate with your fellow teammates who are from different disciplines and backgrounds to ultimately foster your learning experience".

StoHunX team winning their award

Sustainability in Action

Analyze and address one of the most pressing problems of our time.

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Adobe collaboration

Multimedia Storytelling

In collaboration with Adobe, HonorsX students learn how to advocate and showcase by making movies, podcasts, e-portfolios, animations, and more.

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An image of HonorsX students during a workshop

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

With the opportunity to connect with faculty, peers, and a variety of industry mentors, the HonorsX curriculum is made to align with SJSU's commitment to equity and social justice.

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