How HonorsX has Impacted Students

Sit down with the 2023-2024 HonorsX Cohort to hear about their journey with HonorsX. Taught by two faculty members from different disciplines, the HonorsX program welcomes students from multiple majors to come together to learn, research, and solve various sustainability issues we face today as a society.

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Richard Rojas

Richard Rojas, B.A. Art, 2023-24

"HonorsX is a great curriculum. You get to meet so many new people, you make new connections, you get new opportunities, you get to do funding and research, and actually provide a change to not only the university but the local city as a whole."

Victoria Ayyoub Lama

Victoria Ayyoub Lama, B.A. Sociology, 2023-24

"It’s less of a typical structured class and it’s more of a safe space for students to openly express their ideas, create anything they want, and actually bring it to life and should be implemented in our schools everywhere."

Testimonials from HonorsX Students
Mikhail Ocampo

Mikhail Ocampo, B.S. Business Administration, 2022-23

"HonorsX has been enriching as a student as it helps me think as an entrepreneur and also think from the perspective of learning and problem solving".

Silky Nigenda

Silky Nigenda, B.A. Psychology, 2022-23

"This unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the value of diverse perspectives and share a passion for change became my anchor, marking the beginning of my journey."