Application Requirements

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Application Preparation

Prepare to respond to the following four questions:

  • Within the scope of your major, what does a “sustainable society” look like and how would you begin to develop one? Why are these aspects the most important? (250 words)
  • What are some obstacles you have overcome and what did you learn from these obstacles? (250 words)
  • What is something you really love learning and have committed to deeply? This can be related to anything, academic, or non-academic, e.g., sports, music, family, etc.  What have you gained from this knowledge? (250 words)
  • How would HonorsX align with your academic and professional aspirations? (250 words)

Apply to the Program

Fall 2023

Date Deadline
Mon, Aug. 21

First Day of Instruction

Tue, Aug. 29

Waitlist Ends

Fri, Sept. 15

Last Day to Drop Classes without a "W" Grade and

Last Day to Add Classes via MySJSU (ends at 11:59 pm)

Tue, Sept. 19

Late Add Post Census Request required (Petition will be available at 9 A.M.)
Late Drop / Sesmeter Withdrawal Petition Requirement begins

Mon, Nov. 13

Semester Withdrawal Deadline

Late Enrollment Post Census Ends

Wed, Dec. 6

Last Day of Instruction
Last Day to Complete Coursework for "Incomplete Grades"

Wed, Dec. 20

Grades Viewable on MySJSU

Spring 2024

Date Deadline
Tue, Oct. 24

Enrollment Appointments Viewable on MySJSU

Tue, Oct. 31

Advanced Registration Begins

Wed, Jan. 2

Excess Units Petition Available

Wed, Jan. 10

Enrollment Cap increased to 19 units for Continuing Undergraduate Students in Good Standing

Sun, Jan. 21

Advanced Registration Ends

Last Day to Drop for 100% Refund

Wed, Jan. 24

First Day of Instruction

Mon, Feb. 19

Last Day to Drop Classes without a "W" Grade and Last Day to Add Classes via MySJSU

Wed, Feb. 21

Late Add Post Census Request Requirement begins
Late Drop/ Semester Withdrawal Petition Requirement begins

Fri, Apr. 19

Last day to submit Late Enrollment Post Census for current semester

Mon, May 13

Last Day of Instruction

Sat, May 25

Grades Viewable on MySJSU

Fri, May 31

2024-2025 HonorsX Applications Deadline

For any questions, email