Sustainability in Action

2023-2024 Topic: Developing Sustainable Socieities

In partnership with Adobe, HonorsX students dive into the topic of sustainability and expand their understanding to bring real-world issues to life and create sustainability reports using Adobe applications including Adobe Audition and Adobe Express.

image of the Super Cool logo

Super Cool

  • Joshua Lynch Stattenfield
    • Business Administration, Concentration in Management, BS
  • Mariam Roshdy
    • Justice Studies, Concentration in Criminology, BS
  • Peggy Leesa Hogan Hatfield
    • Biomedical Engineering, BS
  • Rubi Angelica Zepeda Mendoza
    • Psychology, BA

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image of two people riding bikes

Shuttle X

  • Alexander Emil Melgar
    • Geography, BA
  • Grayson Wai Lam
    • Design Studies, BA
  • Victoria Hannan Mhanna Hanna Ayyoub Lama
    • Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, BA

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an outline of a map

Sustainability Through Us

  • Kaysha L Ragocos
    • Design Studies, BA
  • Lou Johanna Engamen Drew
    • Animation & Illustration, BA
  • Ryan Patrick Dobson
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Management, BS

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image of cars in a parking lot

Take a Breather, Take a Ride

  • Angelica Chavez
    • Justice Studies, BS
  • Laura Beatriz Marini Ferreira
    • Civil Engineering, BS
  • Masha Kuznetsova
    • Data Science, BS

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image of a sign saying "stop wasting money"

An Augmented Guide Illuminating the Need to Sustain Water

  • Jaskaran Singh Bhogal
    • Computer Engineering, BS
  • Michelle Torres
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Entrepreneurship, BS
  • Monireth In
    • Engineering Technology, Computer Network System Management Concentration, BS
  • Richard A Rojas
    • Art, Studio Practice Concentration, BA

Learn how to broaden a sustainable San Jose

image of the JESK logo


  • Jesus Enrique Perez
    • Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • Stephanie Montoya Arevalos
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in International Business, BS
  • Yoshi Abdullah Aryen
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Finance, BS
  • Jorge Fernando Hurtado
    • Radio-Television-Film, BA

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image of the San Jose Guadalupe River


  • Armani Guadalupe Pallais
    • Environmental Studies, BA
  • Easton Jared Abram
    • Electrical Engineering, BS
  • Jhony Gustavo De Oliveira
    • Music, Performance Concentration, BM


2022-2023: Developing Sustainable Societies

StoHunX team


  • Nathan Dinglasan Anico
    • Public Health, Concentration in Population Data, BS
  • Matthew Robert Broyles
    • Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • Ermina Katherine Ysabelle Francisco
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Accounting, BS

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TinkerBaby team


  • Calum David Cain
    • Computer Science, BS
  • Tanner Allen Dunn
    • Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • Sofiia Malushkina
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Management Information Systems, BS
  • Jocelynne Malta-Diaz
    • Design Studies, BA

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HEMP. team


  • Kyle Fitzpatrick
    • Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • Bella Nadia Ramirez Escutia
    • Spanish, BA
  • Jasmine Tirado
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Marketing, BS

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One Stop Shop Solar team

One Stop Shop Solar

  • Silky Yasojara Nigenda
    • Psychology, BA
  • Javier Cervantes
    • Civil Engineering, BS
  • Helen Star Thai
    • Public Health, BS
  • Jaxson Leonard
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Entrepreneurship, BS

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PacOut Pouch's member, Valerie

PackOut Pouch

  • Valeria Arleth Foxworthy Gonzalez
    • Anthropology, BA
  • Isa Zhou
    • Biomedical Engineering, BS
  • Mikhail Ocampo
    • Business Admininstration, Concentration in Management Information Systems, BS

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