Welcome Transfer Students!

We look forward to meeting you at transfer orientation.


Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

  1.   What classes should I register to take in Fall 2021?

To get started, there are two great resources to help you plan your roadmap through the Public Health program. First, check out the Advising Worksheets available on the Department Website to help you plan your courses. Also, check out these suggested roadmaps:

Most transfer students will have taken an articulated class to PH 1, PH 15, and PH 67 at a community college and some for PH 99 (see FAQ 2 below). However, most students will not have articulated classes for PH 102. If you have an articulated class for PH 1, PH 15, and PH 67, then we suggest the following courses for your first semester at SJSU:

PH 100W (Be sure to take the Directed Self Placement exercise to see in which writing course to enroll https://www.sjsu.edu/wac/wst/students/index.html)

PH 99

PH 102

And any of the following: PH 158, PH 161, PH 167, PH 135, PH 162

If you've also taken PH 99, you can enroll in PH 104

Or these Public Health electives: PH 145 or PH 117

If you have not yet taken WST DSP, we recommend taking the exam as soon as possible. Without the WST DSP, you can still take PH 99, PH 102, PH 158, PH 161, and PH 167 and some upper division electives.

If you have not taken the lower division preparatory classes (PH 1, PH 15, PH 67, PH 99) at a community college, we recommend you take those in your first semester in the major.

You can also take classes for your minor.

  1.   How can I find out if my community college classes articulate?

You can look up your college at this website and check whether the class you completed is currently articulated. We created this handy video tutorial to show you how to check. Any class that is articulated to STAT 95 can count towards PH 67. Any class that is articulated to CHAD 67/70 can count towards PH 15.

If you think a course you took should articulate, but it is not currently listed as articulated, check in with an advisor at the beginning of the semester to review the specific course. The advisor will review the course syllabus and make a determination of whether the course is a good substitute. You can also email the advising email (health-science-advising@sjsu.edu), but it might take a little while for a reply.

  1. How many units should I register for?

We recommend most students take 15 units. That is the number of units you would need to take to graduate in four semesters. However, if you are working many hours or anticipate other obligations, we recommend taking fewer units. You are permitted to register for 16 units without any special permission during normal registration period. 

4. How should I decide what minor to add?

If there is another discipline that you are really interested in, then a minor might be a great option for you. Students in our major take minors throughout the University, including in Human Rights, Recreation, Nutrition, Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development, Biology, and more. You can find out more about minors by looking through the SJSU degrees.

5. What student groups are there for me to join?

The Public Health & Recreation Department has a number of active student groups. You can find out more at the Welcome event at the beginning of the semester, date TBA. Check out Beyond the Classroom on our website.

6. Tip: Take the WST Directed Self Placement as soon as you can!
You are required to take the Writing Skills Test Directed Self Placement (WST DSP) before you can register for PH 100W. You can find out all about the WST DSP here: https://www.sjsu.edu/wac/wst/students/index.html