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Welcome to Humanities!

The Humanities Department is home to majors and minors that examine human experience in aesthetic, creative, literary, religious, and other realms as well as cultural traditions in major world areas, such as America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Well-published and committed to serious scholarship, the faculty are teacher-scholars who can engage students. Student learning is at the core of the department's mission, and faculty strive to give each student as much individual attention as possible.

The Humanities Department grew from the desire to provide students with an integrated perspective on Western civilization. This perspective has expanded to a more global one in response to developments in technology, cultures and communications.  Students cannot afford to be ignorant of the teachings of Islam or the values of Asian cultures, for example, since our society requires people of broad vision and knowledge.

Our Department provides students with interdisciplinary perspectives on the great questions that have long preoccupied human beings: "Who are we? Where did we come from? And where are we going?" Faculty acquaint students with the works of those who have grappled in the past with these and other ultimate questions.  Our courses integrate history, literature, philosophy, religion, politics, music and art. Perhaps more important, we concentrate on developing our students' analytical and expressive skills, their ability to read, write and think clearly, while promoting an appreciation of the arts and letters and their role in shaping modern society.

Our students pursue a wide variety of occupations after graduation: law, journalism, librarianship, teaching, public service, social work and public relations.