General Education Component

A department’s General Education (GE) courses will be reviewed during the normal program planning cycle. The following are required: 

GEAC Review Process

The GE Advisory Committee (GEAC) (per University Policy F15-13 [pdf]) then receives the GE section of the department’s program planning self-study and reviews the materials on individual courses:

  1. Is the course consistent with the GE Guidelines [pdf]?
  2. Is assessment allowing or supporting improvements to instruction?
  3. Are there lessons from the course for GE at SJSU?

GEAC can either (1) continue to certify the course through the next program planning cycle or (2) seek clarifications or discuss its concerns with the department. When those concerns are resolved, then the course’s GE certification is to be continued through the next program planning cycle. If its concerns cannot be resolved, then GEAC can recommend to the Committee on Curriculum and Research (C&R) that the course be decertified. C&R makes the final decision, and the department has the right to appear before the Committee. If a member of GEAC has voted on the matter when it was before GEAC, then he or she shall not vote on it again when it comes before C&R.

In addition to a brief review of each GE course, GEAC may also comment on the department’s Part I submission, although that submission is not to be used in assessing any individual course. GEAC’s report (that is, its course reviews and optional commentary) is added to the department’s self-study. The department may comment on GEAC’s report before the self-study (which now includes GEAC’s report) proceeds to successive review levels (e.g., external examiner, college curriculum committee, etc.). Review at successive levels does not address individual GE courses, but it may comment on whether the department’s GE efforts and GEAC’s review of them are consistent with the assessment principles developed by the Task Force. (The appendix of annual course assessment forms is not returned to the self-study because individual GE courses are not reviewed at later levels. However, those assessment forms remain available on line.)