Orientation Week Overview

New International Gateways students are required to attend Orientation Week activities. These activities are designed to help new students become familiar with Gateways, San José State, and the city of San José. The activities also allow students to interact with other new students.

  • Placement Exam – New ATP students will complete a written exam and a TOEFL test (pBT) test. If you have taken the TOEFL test before and have a copy of your score, please bring it with you for check-in. After the placement test, the Gateways placement team will review your scores to determine your course level. You may be higher in one of your language skills than another.
  • VTA Orientation – New students learn how to use the local public transportation system (VTA) and the advantages of the VTA sticker and Clipper Card.
  • Student ID Cards – All new students will get a SJSU Student ID Card (also known as a "Tower Card").
  • Campus Tour – SJSU and International Gateways students lead tours around the SJSU campus to help new students become familiar with on-campus resources.
  • Downtown San José Tour – Led by SJSU and International Gateways students, the Downtown San José tour shows new students places to eat or to visit during their time studying in Gateways.
  • Library Tour – The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library at SJSU is one of the largest public libraries in California. Students are shown how to use the library, as well as receive their library cards during this tour.
  • Field Trips - fun excursions around Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.