Health Insurance

Mandatory Health Insurance for International Students

The Board of Trustees of the California State University (CSU) requires all international students to have health insurance as a condition of registration and continued enrollment in the California State University system. - new text change

All F-1 students are required to purchase the health insurance plan (offered at International Gateways) online before they arrive in the United States. Dependents of F-1 students are also recommended to have health insurance while they are in the United States.

The health insurance plan, administered by JCB, is a comprehensive low-cost insurance plan that includes coverage for illness and injury, medical evacuation, and repatriation. Please see link below to purchase the required insurance plan.

If you would like coverage during flight and travel time to the United States, we suggest purchasing a travel insurance for the period of time before your JCB insurance coverage comes into effect.

Insurance Coverage Dates and Costs:


Summer ATP Session (9 weeks)


05/25/2020 - 08/06/2020




Click here for Step by Step Guide to Purchase Health Insurance

Instructions to purchase International Gateways Health Insurance Plan

SJSU approved health insurance plan is administered by JCB, however your insurance provider will be Aetna. Please purchase your health insurance from the JCB website.  Follow these steps to purchase the correct plan:

  1. Go to the JCB website
  2. Type "International Gateways-SJSU
    If you are an SJSU student, type "San Jose State University (SJSU).
  3. Select "2019-2020” and “International Gateways Students"
  4. Scroll down and click on “Start Here”
  5. Select the Term you need Health Insurance for and click on "Continue to Next Step"
  6. Create an Account or Log In if you have an account already
  7. Input your information and payment information as instructed

Student Health Center:

Whenever possible, you are strongly encouraged to use the resources of the Student Health Center located on the SJSU campus, but it is not required. For more information about the Student Health Center, visit

Filing a Claim:

Students must mail the claim bills directly to AETNA, not through the International Gateways office. Remember to keep a copy your receipts and bills for your own records before mailing them out. If you have copies of your receipts and need assistance filing a claim, you can come to the International Gateways office and a staff member can assist you.

*International Gateways and SJSU are not responsible for lost bills or any claims not rendered by Aetna or any other health insurance companies.

General Information:

The Supplemental Medical Evacuation and Repatriation plan is ONLY for International Gateways students who have a campus approved Medical Insurance policy.


You will receive more information about the health insurance plan upon arrival during orientation week.

If you have any questions about health insurance or not sure which health insurance plan to purchase, please email us at with your FULL NAME, student ID number, and your question. Please allow one to two business days for our office to reply to your email.