Student Activities

Take a tour with us around the SJSU campus.

Language and Cultural Exchange Program (LACE)

Student Parties

Photo of LACE


Join this program and get matched up with an SJSU student who wants to learn about your language and culture. Learn more


We love to celebrate holidays and events throughout the year!


 Field Trips


San Francisco field trip


  • Explore San Francisco and the beautiful Bay Area
  • Play on the Santa Cruz beach and Boardwalk
  • Hike in the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Visit world famous universities such as Stanford and U.C. Berkeley

Play soccer, volleyball or bowl with your International Gateways classmates, or just hang out with friends and watch the game!




Conversation Club

University Life

Conversation Club


Practice your English speaking and listening skills in a casual, comfortable, and friendly environment.


As an International Gateways student, you can have the complete American university life by participating in one of the many campus activities and organizations.


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