How to Apply to Semester at SJSU (SAS)

See the complete application process for SAS

Your SAS application will involve the following portals:

  1. CalStateApply (Please find the Spring 2022 application tutorial below and have it open in a separate tab while you are working on your online application.)
  2. Payment page (you will receive the link from IG Admissions by email)
  3. Secure document upload portal (you will receive the link from IG Admissions by email)

Application Steps for Semester at SJSU (SAS)

  1. Please have the Spring 2022 tutorial open in a separate tab and follow the EXACT steps to apply in CalStateApplySpring Summer Fall 2022 CalStateApply Tutorial (PDF)
  2. Complete and submit an application for SAS in CalStateApply. Read the tutorial before you begin your application.
  3. Look for an email from SJSU Admissions with a 9-digit SJSU ID number. You will need your SJSU ID number to do many things, so please memorize it.
  4. Receive an email from IG Admissions with the links to the payment page and secure document upload portal.
  5. Use the payment portal to pay the SAS application fee of $150 USD.
  6. Download and complete the Student Consent for Release of Information and SJSU Declaration of Finance forms (Fall/ Spring semester, Summer semester), SJSU Course Wish List
  7. Use the secure documents upload portal to upload the required documents to complete your SAS application.
  8. Receive the Acceptance Letter for the SAS program, and a digital I-20 (for F-1 students) issued by International Gateways. These documents will be sent to the email you indicate in your CalStateApply application for the SAS program.


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