Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders Name Major
What is one tip you would like to share with an incoming student?
 Adrian Nario Adrian Jules Nario Psychology Get involved! It makes your SJSU experience all the better! 
 Alison Ross-Medina Alison Ross-Medina  Communication Studies Get involved! Joining a club or organization on campus can make campus feel more like home. 
 Amy Estrada Magana Amy Estrada Magaña Sociology   Never be afraid to ask for help. The staff, faculty, and the entire university is here to help you through your journey through your education. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of resilience. 

Andrew Noriel
Andrew Noriel Business Administration: Management Stay engaged on campus. 

Angela Gutierrez
Angela Gutierrez Sociology Get involved! Join a club, organization, greek life, etc. Your experience here at SJSU will boost even more once you surround yourself with people who have similar interests and goals as you. :)

Antonio Bustamante
Antonio Bustamante Human Resource Management  Don't be afraid to push yourself and put more on your plate, it will help in the long run.  

Brisa Victoria Estrada
Brisa Victorio Forensic Science Embrace your individuality and attend as many social events as possible! I know it is scary coming into a new environment, but being YOU is very important!! Also, going out and being social will help you create long lasting friendships which are essential. :)

Daniella Carrera
Dani Carrera Liberal Studies Teacher Prep  My biggest tip would be to get involved as soon as possible because the connections made through those experiences will change your life and make your college experience worthwhile! 

Danielle Camegla
Danielle Camegla Public Health  Be comfortable with the uncomfortable and step out of your comfort zone! Don't ever be afraid to show your true colors and embrace who you are as individual. Explore what SJSU has to offer, find your interests and what you love to do, and get involved on campus <3. 
 David Roman David Roman  Aviation   Take advantage of the resources offered on campus! 
 Denise Arias Denise Arias  Communication Studies Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone. Your future self will thank you!
 Dustin Nguyen Dustin Nguyen  Criminology  Do not be afraid to join different clubs/organizations on campus. Building connections will make your college experience more enjoyable!  
 Jacqueline Vela Jacqueline Vela  Journalism   Don't be afraid to get involved! 
 Jallen Allen Jallen Allen  Business MIS  Using MyScheduler on your MySJSU makes registering for classes so much easier! Also do not be afraid to say hi to random people whether in class or in the residence halls!  Have fun, be safe and use common sense. 
 Jarrett Nelson Jarrett Nelson  Graphic Design  Get a job on campus, either as an Orientation Leader or a note taker, so you can receive early registration dates for classes! 
 Jeffrey Tran Jeffrey Tran  Business Marketing  Experience as much as you can with the given time that you have. You REALLY never know what will happen during your time in college.  
 Jessica Cadigal Jessica Cadigal  Business Human Resource Management   Don’t be afraid to ask questions!! 
 Jocelyn Chavez Jocelyn Chavez  Business Marketing  Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. This is your educational experience, you get what you give! 
 Jordyn Quen Jordyn Quen  Child Adolescent & Development  Participate in all the welcome week events. It allows everyone to meet new people. Not only is it super fun but you get the chance to learn so much about the campus and what it has to offer. 
 Kathy Cadena Kathy Cadena  Business Administration One tip I would like to share with an incoming student is to get involved on campus, either through a club and/or organization.  
 Kiara Moreno Kiara Moreno  Communication Studies  Have that Mamba Mentality. 
 Kozette Mwangi Kozette Mwangi  Business Management   Don’t be scared of speaking to new people. Everyone in college is in the same boat, you will always be meeting someone new.  
 Madi Medina Madi Medina  Journalism Major In college, you will have time to learn more about yourself. Whether it be personally, academically, or both, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. Being “comfortable” with being “uncomfortable” will help you experience new things and ideas that will help mold you into a strong, multifaceted person.  
 May Ly Picture May Ly  Child and Adolescent Development, Deaf Education   Get involved because you’ll never know the opportunities and experience you might get out of it!  
 Mikayla Saffold Collins Mikayla Saffold Collins  Communication Studies   It is important to get involved from the start. Know your resources and make sure to balance fun and schoolwork.  
 Nicolette Paredes Nicolette Paredes  International Business  One piece of advice I would share is to try and make at least three friends in each of your classes during your first week at SJSU! 
 Noah Panlilio Noah Panlilio  Business Management  Get Involved! SJSU is more than just obtaining your degree and simply going to class then going back to your residence hall or home. There are plenty of clubs and organizations that will make you feel more connected with the school and enhance your college experience! 
 Robert Terhell Robert Terhell  Mechanical Engineering  Try to be as open minded and outgoing as you feel comfortable with! Meet as many people as you can and get involved in organizations that interest you. 
 Sadie Basnet Sadie Basnet  Business Admin: MIS  Get involved. Utilize campus resources, explore registered organization, greek clubs and have fun.  
 Sarah Hom Sarah Hom  Business Human Resources   Be sure to plan your day to always be productive and get work done ASAP to have as much free time as possible! 
 Scott Thompson Scott Thompson  Kinesiology   Get involved when you start your education at SJSU. By doing this it will allow you to grow and meet people from all areas of campus. Getting involved will also enable you to learn new things about yourself and get out of your comfort zone. 
 Sean OConnell Sean OConnell  Environmental Studies I highly recommend putting together lots of study groups with friends for classes! 
 Shannon Desmangles Shannon Desmangles  Psychology Most of the time you’re not going to know what you're doing, and that’s okay. Utilize your resources, especially MySJSU, to the max. 

Sofia Visiers Bobirova
Sofia Visiers Bobirova Business Administration Management  Explore the various clubs and organizations that are offered to students. I believe that finding a group of people with similar interests can expand your friendship circle. Additionally, it will help you discover new opportunities and make long lasting memories.  
 Victoria Quinones Vic Quinones  Sociology  Jump into new things. You never know where it will lead you. 
 William Lin William Lin Business Administration and Management  Don't be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone because college is a time for self-discovery.