Registration for Fall/Spring

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5 Steps for Open University Registration

STEP 1 - Obtain Course Information

Find the class(es) you wish to take on the Open University Class Schedule. Get the section #, 5 digit class code number, day, time, location, faculty name and dates for your intended course.


STEP 2 - Obtain a Permission Code

A permission number is required to enroll. At the first class meeting, request a permission number from the instructor, to add the class. Open University enrollments in a given class will be permitted only with the instructor’s approval. 

If you intend to take online class(es), you can email the instructor or the department (if no instructor is listed) to obtain a permission number. See the Online Course section for more details.

STEP 3 - Register Online or by Paper Form

There are two ways to register for Open University. Most students are able to register online through MySJSU. To register online, visit the the OU login page.

If you are unable to use the online registration process, you need to register for Open University through the paper process. The Open University Registration Form can be accessed in the Forms section. Complete the form and fax to 408.924.2077, or submit in person to window “R” in the Student Services Center at 9th and San Fernando, Downtown, San José.

Please note Graduate students have additional requirements for registration.

STEP 4 - Pay Fees

It is important that you pay the fees by the due date to prevent your class(es) from being dropped. See the Open University Calendar for more details.

Refer to Fees, Payment and Refund section for more payment information.

Please note no billing statements will be sent. Failure to pay fees may result in class(es) being dropped. However, it is the student's responsibility to drop any unwanted class(es).

STEP 5 - Activate SJSUOne Account

It is highly recommended that you activate your SJSUOne account. You can use your SJSUOne ID and password to log in to most SJSU applications on campus, including the SJSU wireless network, SJSU email and MySJSU. Learn more about SJSUOne

Please note you can activate your SJSUOne account after 48 hours of enrolling in an Open University course. 

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